April 23, 2024
Agriculture Startups In India

Did you know that farmers make up more than 40% of the working population in India? 

They are working tirelessly to feed the nation, by ensuring that their crops get to the people who need them the most. With Agritech startups in India, the dream of most farmers in India will come true. 

These tech companies have been as well working hard to bring forth new systems to make farming more efficient. Some of such agriculture startups in India include; CropIn, DeHaat, Fasal, and Intello Labs are four startups making a difference in agriculture.

1). CropIn by SmartFarm

CropIn is one of the leading agriculture startups in India. CropIn has been working to create an open platform that facilitates the flow of agricultural data. 

As of now, CropIn has a database that stores data about the crop yield in India, and another one that stores data about the rain. CropIn has been working on a platform that can also be used by other agriculture startups!

In fact, in 2010, this agritech startup in India developed an application, SmartFarm, which helps generate profit reports and weather analysis for the farmers.

They are developing technologies and products to help farmers improve their yields and profit margins. The CropIn team consists of young engineers from various backgrounds including agriculture, engineering, and business.

2). Ninjacart

Ninjacart is an online platform that helps farmers find agricultural products from more than 10,000 farmers in India. As of now, the site has more than 50,000 farmers who use it to sell their produce.

During their first years, Ninjacart focused on B2C by developing a food delivery app.

Later, this agritech startup transformed into a B2B startup in India to solve fresh agricultural produce supply chain problems for the farmers and the retailers.

Through investments by Tiger Global Management, Accel, Qualcomm Ventures, and Steadview Capital, Ninjacart has raised over $160 million to further its mission.

3). DeHaat

DeHaat is another one of the best agriculture startups in India that is doing a lot to help farmers. Through the use of their application, farmers can get better inputs like seeds and fertilizers at an affordable price.

Through their system also, farmers can get personalized assistance in things like soil testing, weather reports, microfinance, and insurance.

4). Aibono

Aibono’s main goal is to help farmers with the production and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to the retailers.

Founded by Vivek Rajkumar in 2014, Aibono has set out to help farmers in India to increase crop yields and find the market easily. 

The company has developed a system that uses DATA collected from soil sensors, IoT devices, and imaging drones to feed its cloud platform.

With the data collected, it employs predictive analysis to help Indian farmers make informed decisions.

5). Intello Labs

Intello Labs is a big data-driven technology startup in India. Founded by two ex-students of the IIT-Kharagpur, and two ex-employees of Google India, Intello Labs has been working on machine learning technology to help farmers optimize their agricultural practices.

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