April 14, 2024

In this blog post,  we will be discussing what web hosting is and how to find the best web hosting for beginners.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to a service in which a company’s website, its server, and all of its data are stored on an Internet-connected computer system called a “server.” 

The host provides these services over the internet using a broadband connection. 

This means that when you visit any websites hosted by this company – either through your own browser or with software like FTP – they’ll show up just as fast as if you were connecting directly from that same location. 

With so many different providers vying for customers’ attention it can be hard to choose one who will meet your needs well enough while still being cost-effective. 

But we’re here to help.

How do you know the best providers?

The best web hosting providers will have features that you can’t live without like;

  • Automatic software updates and backups
  • Daily offsite backups
  • The ability to use your own domain name or an email address of your choice (instead of one chosen by the company)
  • Easy site-building tools for beginners
  • Customer service is available 24/hours a day with knowledgeable staff who speak English as their first language
  • Free website builder and more. 

They should also be connected to reliable internet networks so there’s minimal downtime from outages caused by natural disasters or other reasons outside of their control. 

Additionally, the best website hosting for beginners is a company that offers free domain names and has their primary language as English, which makes it easier to find customer support.

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Also, they need to offer fast page loads for visitors no matter where in the world they’re located – otherwise, people might not bother coming back again!

And lastly… don’t forget about backups! 

Hosting with an experienced company will also provide backup protection in case anything goes wrong with your site and there would be no downtime because of outages caused by natural disasters or other reasons outside of their control. 

It takes just one lost business opportunity to prove how important offsite data security can be – but luckily taking this precaution is easy.

Which Web Hosting Is Best For Beginners?

Here are the best hosting companies for beginners.


This hosting company has a free domain name lifetime, unlimited email addresses, and storage space. 

They also offer around-the-clock support via phone or chat, an affiliate program that pays you for every customer referred to them if they sign up and one of the most reliable networks in terms of uptime.


This is one of the cheapest options out there as their plans start at just $0.0033 per hour! 

This might be something worth looking into if your budget is tight but you still want all the benefits offered by web hosts such as 24/hour live chat support, a 99% server uptime guarantee plus technical help from experts who are always on hand.

Green Geeks

While not being too cheap themselves (starting at $0.0095 per hour), this option has one of the best performance ratings out there and is an excellent choice for you if your site’s speed, security, and reliability are top priorities!

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With a starting price at just $0.0149 per hour, Bluehost offers everything from WordPress to Magento hosting as well as great customer service that features 24/hour phone support (plus live chat).

In addition to having been around since 2003 which means they have more than enough experience under their belt so will be able to provide valuable insights into what works best in terms of web hosting solutions for beginners on any budget!


SiteGround is a great choice for beginners because of its user-friendly interface that features drag and drop functionality. 

Siteground also offers one-click updates so you don’t have to do any complicated setup yourself which means it only takes minutes to complete the whole process!

WP Engine

WP engine provides an easy setup wizard that makes setting up your site in WordPress as simple as filling out a few forms (some details are even preloaded into these forms) with just four clicks needed from start to finish!

A Small Orange

A small orange offer some excellent deals on their hosting packages, with all pricing plans coming at incredibly affordable prices ranging between $0.09 per hour – $36.88 per month depending on their plan + they include unlimited

Final thoughts

Ultimately it boils down to what’s right for your needs. 

Remember: Your website is a reflection of who you are, so make sure it’s everything you want it to be!

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