April 15, 2024

Founded in 2011 by Mai Medhat and Nihal Fare, Bevy was purpose-built to help companies build, grow and scale their global communities by developing mobile event apps, ticketing, registration systems, and business intelligence reports that enable event organizers to create engaging event experiences.

Early customers included Asana, Atlassian, Docker, Duolingo, Evernote, and Salesforce. In 2019, Bevy acquired CMX, the largest organization for community professionals. 

Bevy is a community events software platform based in San Francisco, California. They work with the best companies and build products to help companies manage and scale their user groups and event communities, all over the world. 

Bevy is built on a system that enables Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Marketing. With C2C Marketing, you empower your brand ambassadors to help run your community events, both online and virtual.

With a shared vision to help community professionals thrive, Bevy is committed to helping brands build, grow and scale their global communities.

Bevy is about bringing people together. The Bevy platform was purpose-built to help local communities of passionate advocates make a positive impact on the world. 

They believe in the power of community and that human interaction can solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Whether you’re focused on building a business or making a positive impact on society, Bevy is a resilient platform purpose-built to help community builders thrive professionally and personally.

How it Works

 Page Builder

Bevy’s Page Builder is a powerful customization tool that allows for beautifully branded landing pages–all within the Bevy platform. Experience total design freedom with Page Builder. Create and design event pages, chapter homepages, and more.

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Page Builder is the next addition to Bevy’s complete, end-to-end Community Event Engine. Their no-code tool puts the power in your hands to bring your vision to life. Get time back on operational tasks by streamlining your tech stack with Bevy.

Also tailor your community’s events with a range of options including customizable elements, a rich text editor, and drag-and-drop capabilities for image and video blocks.


Bevy Virtual is the only end-to-end virtual conference, community, and field marketing platform. Host large-scale user conferences with thousands of attendees.

Bevy is the world’s leading community event platform, designed so that you can enlist and empower your local brand advocates to build their local communities for your brand.

With Bevy, you can host a 100,000+ person virtual conference, or tens of thousands of local community events. Empower your brand ambassadors to easily create and host everything from workshops and webinars to hackathons and happy hours.

Bevy Cares

BevyCares is an initiative of Bevy 4Good, a division of Bevy. This program gives people the tools they need to organize events, virtual or in-person, that provide relief and care at a time when the world needs it most. 

These events are run by volunteers, people who are hosting events, want to host events, or want to get involved in some way to help both their local and global community. 

Additionally, the volunteers can request to access the platform to host their events, by providing their name, email, location, and a brief description of the events they will host.


Mai Medhat 

Mai Medhat

Mai Medhat is a tech entrepreneur on a mission to mobilize events. Mai is the CEO and co-founder of Bevy.

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Mai is an Endeavor Entrepreneur. She studied computer engineering and worked in different startups before founding Bevy which allowed her to use different technologies and play many roles. 

On top of that, she is passionate about technology, startups, travel, and events.

Nihal Fares

Nihal Fares

Nihal Fares is the co-founder of Bevy.

Nihal is also very passionate about solving problems and building great products.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Algebra Ventures, Hala Ventures, DAAL VC

Bevy has secured an investment round to launch a new digital events platform in response to the Covid-19 impact on the events industry.

The round was led by Algebra Ventures, Hala Ventures, and DAAL VC. The amount is undisclosed.

The company came up with a new solution to meet the market demand as virtual events continue to replace on-ground ones across the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region following the Covid-19 outbreak.

The new platform will enable audiences to check into the event, attend sessions, network together and interact with speakers.

It is planned to offer diverse features that fit different types of events, including workshops, corporate events, large summits, and hackathons.

Main Competitors

EventX: This is a provider of event management software solutions for both event organizers and participants.

Meipian: It is a Chinese social media tool for authors and editors to create and beautify images and posts.

Promo.com: This is a video creation platform for businesses and agencies.


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