April 14, 2024
Inclusivity Solutions

Inclusivity Solutions is an insurance company that makes online insurance markets that are diverse and easy to use. It makes it easier for digital insurance products to be delivered by putting distribution partners, insurers, and new customers in touch with each other.

The company provides services from beginning to end, like consultation, strategy development, product, and process design, and help with implementation.

It is also an insurance service provider that uses digital tools to help with strategy, product, and process design and execution, as well as expertise in these areas.

With the help of the company’s market analysis, cross-sell or upsell approach, product roadmap development, evaluation, and continuous improvement, as well as other related services, clients can meet the needs of new consumers while making a positive social and financial impact through the delivery of insurance needs through digital channels.

The Inclusivity Solution only focuses on developing economies and their growing markets because their technology platform, deep knowledge of digital insurance in developing countries, and strong actuarial and data analytics skills set them apart from their competitors.

How it Works 

Inclusivity Solutions specializes in making digital insurance markets that all customers can use by engaging the best practices and expertise from around the world to help mobile operators, insurers, and other partners offer sustainable insurance solutions for customers in developing countries.

They try to reach customers who don’t have much and don’t deserve it so that they can protect them from bad financial blows.

People in developing economies are said to be uninsured up to 98% of the time. This means that if they get sick, die, or have a natural disaster or crop failure, they will have trouble paying their bills. 

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Existing insurance products, distribution structures, and administration systems, on the other hand, are not good enough or sustainable enough to serve these new customers.

Inclusivity Solutions makes insurance products that appeal to new customers and use digital channels like smartphones. 

They provide the strategy, product, and process design, help with implementation, and platforms that are needed for the launch and growth of digital insurance solutions to make insurance markets that work for everyone and are sustainable,

Additionally, the company has offices in 26 countries and helps customers all over the world with things like life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, facultative underwriting, and product development.


Jeremy Leach

He is the Founder and Executive Director at Inclusivity Solutions.

Jeremy is also an expert on mobile financial services all over the world. He specializes in microinsurance and digital insurance.

He has given advice, done research, and put together several projects on a global scale.

Jeremy is an experienced business leader who has worked both in the private and public sectors. 

As the Director of BFA, he advised and helped several international insurers and mobile carriers.

As Divisional Director and Head of Microinsurance at the Hollard Insurance Group, he oversaw a wide range of insurance innovations around the world, such as new ways to make products, get them to customers, and talk to them.

He helped the company set up a relationship and pilot with MTN Group As the head of Hollard’s m-insurance efforts, and gave advice to projects in Pakistan, China, and other places.

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Jeremy worked as the Executive Director of FinMark Trust, where he showed off his knowledge of insurance and mobile money around the world Before joining Hollard.

He is a Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) as well as has a Master of Science in International Development (Bath, UK).

He is on the advisory board of Cenfri and was one of the group’s first members. He also takes part in the IAIS-MicroInsurance Network Joint Working Group on Micro-insurance.

He has worked for the South African Short Term Insurance Advisory Committee and MicroEnsure, an insurance broker that focuses on mobile.

Additionally, He often talks at international conferences about microinsurance, m-insurance, mobile money, and new ways to improve financial services.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Goodwell Investments, Allan Gray, RGAx

Inclusivity Solutions has raised $1.56 million in the United States with the first part of its Series A investment round.

The business will use the money it got from a round led by Goodwell Investments to speed up the expansion of its product line with current partners in East and West Africa and to enter new developing markets.

Inclusivity Solutions has worked with Orange, Tigo, Airtel, and Equitel to put together successful projects in Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and Kenya.

With this round, they will be able to offer insurance to a larger number of middle-class clients in Africa and other places.

Main Competitors

BIMA: It offers digital health and insurance solutions to countries that are still developing.

Flock Ltd. This is aLondon-based insurance tech startup for a digital insurer of self-driving and networked commercial vehicles.

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Kopano: It provides Insurance for countries that are still developing.


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