April 23, 2024

They are Africa’s Digital Channel for Seamless Freight Management. They simplify global trade through end-to-end digital access to world-class freight forwarding.

They are a dedicated team of freight forwarding experts with several decades of combined industry experience. As such, they provide a solid technical and operational advantage to their clients as they support every stage of the shipment process.

The OnePort 365 platform simplifies the freight process by bringing transparency and optimization to a majorly traditional market.

Their platform offers robust features such as Instant Quotes, Online Payment, All-in-one Invoicing, Rates Comparison, Visibility on Shipment, Pre-and-Post Shipment Documentation, Inland Transportation, Short Term and Long Term Warehousing, Secure Marine Insurance, and Customs Brokerage Services.

With over 2000+ containers shipped, they are the reliable plug you need to handle your next shipment order from pick-up to drop-off.

OnePort 365 has also developed a freight forwarding platform that enables traders to efficiently and conveniently move cargo to, from, and within Africa, providing complete transparency, visibility, and control, minimizing cost inefficiencies and eliminating time and effort inefficiencies resulting from traditional supply chain management methods.

How it Works

OnePort 365 provides digital freight management services to Africa’s cross-border traders. 

Their web-based application enables you to search for negotiated real-time rates and comprehensive quotes, book freight services, and view all shipment activity on a personalized dashboard. 

Their clients are also able to track and monitor the progress of their containerized cargo from loading to delivery, from anywhere in the world. They offer ocean freight, inland logistics, pay-as-you-go and off-dock warehousing, customs brokerage, terminal handling services, and marine insurance.

Additionally, they provide marine insurance. This certifies that your cargo is insured while in transit on the sea and is supported by a copy of an insurance policy. They partner with insurance companies to deliver marine cargo and GIT insurance at cost-effective rates, giving you peace of mind and nothing to worry about in the event of any disruption.

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At OnePort 365, they optimize freight processes for various industries including but not limited to agro-allied and agribusiness, solid minerals, recycling, manufacturing, retail, FMCGs, plastics, building materials, automotive, medical equipment, and supplies.

Air Freight

Their air freight service offer is highly flexible to meet your specific requirements. The expert knowledge of carefully selected carriers and operators as well as their network of international shipping partners ensures that all aspects of your air freight management are covered.

They also provide hand carry, express, economy, and charter services and their air freight capabilities operate schedules on all the world’s major routes, with real-time tracking that optimizes your freight for profitability, efficiency, accountability, and reliability.

OnePort 365 has a network of dedicated partners for their air freight operations and execution. They leverage their technology and extensive experience with import and export processes on an international scope to achieve end-to-end operational efficiency.

Whether door to door, door to airport, or airport to airport, they offer tailored, cost-effective freight service suited to your needs since their experience, network, and longstanding partnership with leading international airlines enables them to deliver seamless import and export international freight services, leveraging the world’s major commercial airlines and charter operators.

Ocean Freight

OnePort 365 delivers FCL as well as LCL shipping to multiple destinations through a partnership with trusted vessels that ensures your cargo sails at favorable rates, and on schedule, giving you greater end-to-end control and visibility.

It takes less than 5 minutes to book your shipment on the OnePort 365 platform. Giving you more time to focus on your business while they take care of your shipment process.

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The tracking technology of OnePort 365 gives you visibility from when your shipment leaves the port to when it arrives at its destination. You never wonder where your container is.

On top of that, their simplified freight forwarding solutions take away the complexities of international sea freight shipping. They ensure your cargo sails at favorable rates and on schedule through a strong partnership with major vessels.

Inland Haulage

OnePort 365 offers flexible and multimodal inland transportation services for full container loads (FCL). These also include rail haulage that gives you the option to haul your cargo at the capacity you require and barge services via waterways for the speed you need.

Truckers and warehousing can plan and prepare together using custom-built applications from the OnePort 365 platform. They’ll handle the haul and you get to keep your supply chain in sight across every leg of the journey.

The Oneport365 Platform makes it easy to manage inland trucking with the rest of your supply chain. Track transit times, get milestone updates validated by onboard diagnostics, and set parameters for carrier and warehouse partners to collaborate.

These also include rail haulage that gives you the option to haul your cargo at the capacity you require and barge services via waterways for the speed you need.

Customer Brokerage

They have years of experience and are licensed to help navigate the customs process complexities and clear your shipments. Their customs clearance team provides standardized services that effectively support the customs clearance process.

Compliance is at the helm of all their customs clearance processes because they are fully licensed, and this advantage enables them to ensure more process control with regulatory authorities and achieve transparency with customers while navigating the customs process complexities to clear your shipments.

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They have been in this industry for years and have a strong team of professional freight forwarders, licensed customs brokers, and extensive experience with container shipment processes, whether locally or internationally.


Hio Sola-Usidame

Hio Sola-Usidame

Hio Sola-Usidame is the current CEO and Founder of OnePort 365. 

He previously worked at GX Rail Commodities as a Commercial Partner. 

Hio Sola-Usidame attended the University of Warwick – Warwick Business School.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Samurai Incubate, CCHub Syndicate

OnePort 365 has raised US$5 million in seed funding to drive the end-to-end digitization of freight management in Africa and support its expansion into new markets across the continent. 

The round was led by Mobility 54, the VC arm of Toyota Tsusho and CFAO Group, with participation from SBI Investment, Flexport, ODX, a Singaporean syndicate fund, and other strategic angel investors. Samurai Incubate also re-invested after participating in the previous round.

OnePort 365 is exploring expansion into new markets, a process this funding will support, while it also plans to deliver a wide range of new services that will increase profitability across the board.

Main Competitors

ChainCargo: This is a Digital Road Freight Forwarder.

Fretigo: It is a Digital Freight Forwarding company.

SEND: This is a digital freight forwarder and customs broker for Africa.


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