April 14, 2024
TemTem One team members

The TemTem One app is a platform for mobility that makes it easy to hire personal drivers and have goods delivered right to the customer’s door. So far, more than 200k people have used it.

The company was started in 2018 and has its main office in France. It is the leading pan-African super app that combines a wide range of on-demand mobility, delivery, shopping, health and home convenience shops, mobile recharge, health insurance, and other services.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to become an essential part of people’s daily lives by giving them easy, one-stop access to a wide range of important services and letting them make safe, instant payments from anywhere.

TemTem One is now sold in France and six different African countries.

TemTem One is looking for highly motivated people who are interested in technology to join its team as part of its ambitious plans to build a digital ecosystem in Algeria and, more generally, in all of the African countries where they will be present.

Additionally, they intend to offer Algerian and African markets new products and services with high added value.

TemTem One is also looking for qualified people to fill operational and technical strategic positions in the company so that it can start-up businesses in Africa that can grow quickly.

How it Works


Market, buying and shopping for a home, and getting products like clothing, high-tech, and telecommunications among others delivered are all possible thanks to a network of partners and an organization called “dark store.”

Mobile Recharge

Adding money to your phone is easy when you use the TemTem One App.

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Home Services

You can have a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional come to your house, or you can do it yourself with the help of online services and drugstores.

Health Insurance

It has an insurance policy that lets you protect your family with AXA, which is a big name in the business.

Transport & Logistics

TemTem One is building a transport and distribution network across all of Algeria To better serve its customers.

Connecting Diaspora to Africa

All Temtem One services can be paid for with a credit card from anywhere in the world. This is part of an effort to become an important resource for the African diaspora.


Kamel Haddar

Kamel Haddar- CEO & Founder @ TemTem One

Kamel Haddar is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at TemTem One.

His goal was to make the first real super app in Africa, where all B2C goods and services can be bought and paid for in one place.

He has also given money to projects in both education and technology, like iMadrassa.com and gomycode. co which is a factory Digitale.

Additionally, he started the ATLAS Association in 2010 and worked hard to help it achieve its goal of promoting talent through education.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Series A funding of $4 million has been given to TemTem One, which will be used to add new products and expand internationally.

With a round of US$4 million in Series A funding led by Tell Venture Automotive, an affiliate of MENA-focused investment firm Tell Group, and other private investors, TemTem One has become the best-funded Algerian startup so far. It had previously raised a round of US$1.7 million.

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The company plans to use the money to grow its business and come out with new products. This will strengthen the company’s position as the market leader in Algeria’s transport and logistics sector.

TemTem One has also released a mobile app for finding driver partners. This will allow the company to carefully choose its drivers and give them benefits like car insurance and help from the manufacturer.

In addition to putting more focus on the customer, the company will work more closely with key partners in the AV and telecom industries to better serve the customer. At the same time, it wants to grow to include more African countries.

Main Competitors

KKBOX: Industry experts say that it is the best way to stream music in Asia.

RYDE Technologies: This is the first carpooling app of its kind.

Citymobil: The Citymobil app makes it easier to share a ride.


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