April 14, 2024

uLesson is an ed-tech company that wants to give everyone in Africa an equal quality education at a price they can pay. The professional instructors who teach the tens of thousands of video courses in their app are available around the clock to answer questions and give more information. 

The uLesson app has mock tests four times a year to help students see how they’re doing. They can give their customers a learning experience that is deeper and more involved than any other by using pre-recorded video formats to deliver our courses. 

Their solution is meant to help students all over Africa do better on standardized tests and other ways their knowledge and skills are tested.

The goal of uLesson is to make high-quality education in technology cheap and available to everyone in Africa.

uLesson also helps students learn new things by giving them courses and other tools. The company’s services combine mobile platforms, secure digital (SD) cards, a culture-specific curriculum, and a network of tutors to give practice tests and content that is specific to math, physics, chemistry, and biology. This helps students learn, prepare for exams, and respond to the syllabi.

Students can use it without having to worry about whether or not they have a good internet connection or the money to pay for one because uLesson was made to be used with a smartphone. Curriculum information is sent through streaming and SD cards, and uLesson’s mobile service is based on three pillars: education, media, and technology.

Learners have access to hundreds of high-quality, curriculum-related video lessons that use digital animation and illustration to better explain and show important and, at times, complicated ideas.

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They also have a chance to take part in classroom discussions in real-time, the freedom to study at their own pace from the library of recorded lessons, in-depth learning analytics that let the student and their parents track their progress in a variety of courses and topics.

Additionally, Parents and guardians get updates once a week by text message or WhatsApp.

How it Works


The uLesson app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

As a free user, you can only watch a limited number of recorded and live video classes and send our instructors a limited number of homework questions.

If, on the other hand, you want to use all of their content without limits, you can do so by tapping the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of the app.

Look for “Subscribe Now” and click on it. Then, go where it says to “Choose a Payment Method.”

Once your payment has been confirmed, your account will be upgraded to premium status, and you’ll have instant access to all of our premium content.

Subscribing to uLesson might cost a lot, but how much it costs depends on the plan you choose. Users can choose to subscribe to the Middle/High School, High School, or Primary School library, depending on what they need.

If a user buys one of these subscriptions, they will be able to use everything their class or library has to offer.

If you paid for your membership with a debit or credit card online or in the app, it will start right away. If you choose to use a bank transfer instead, your subscription will start once the funds have cleared.

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Sim Shagaya

Sim Shagaya:
CEO at uLesson Education

Sim started Konga Online Shopping Limited in July 2012 intending to make it Nigeria’s most popular online shopping and marketplace. From Konga, you can buy millions of things at reasonable prices and have them shipped to you in a flash.

Sim is also the founder and CEO of DealDey Limited, Nigeria’s largest website for group buying. On this site, you can find great deals on all kinds of cool things.

Sim went to George Washington University in Washington, DC, and got a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

He then got an MBA from Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College.

Simdul has 11 years of experience managing and running a business, which he brings to Konga.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Tlcom Capital, Founder Collective

TLcom Capital led uLesson’s seed round, which was worth a total of $3.1 million.

uLesson will offer students an app-based home education package with an annual membership costing about $70 and a pay-as-you-go option.

The uLesson program comes with a set of human resources. The company plans to put counselors in key distribution hubs to help people figure out how to use the app and put the curriculum into action.

The goal of uLesson is to be a supplement to high school education and a cheap alternative to private tutoring.

With the funding, there will be lessons in math, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as several practice tests and personalized materials on the uLesson platform. The company has made 3000 animated movies about important subjects.

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Main Competitors

Quonder: They offer the best way for education and productivity to grow using data and the science of learning.

Hectic: It is a digital office that has everything its users need to start, run, and grow their own independent contracting business.

Quizizz: This is an educational platform with game-like quizzes and interactive classes that can help any student.


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