April 14, 2024
1 grid
1-grid hosting
1-grid hosting

Who is 1-grid hosting?

Here is something shocking about this web hosting company…they are older than Facebook, YouTube, and your favorite iPhone.

And now you are thinking, how is that possible? Well, the company was started 2 decades ago.

But here is something even more interesting.

Because of the age, 1 grid wants you not to focus on how ‘old’ they are, but rather think about the amount of experience they have accumulated. To me, that makes so much sense.

Remember ‘old is gold?’

This is the time to pull out that quote.

With 2 decades-long experience, 1-grid has the right to stand up and claim they understand what the customer wants and how to provide it.

Think for a second:

If they were offering whack service, do you think they’d survive for another year leave alone 20 years?

The answer is straight no.

These guys know something probably other web hosting companies don’t. And that is what we intend to find out.

To put things in perspective, the company stared as Webafrica. And later on, rebranded to 1-grid.

And to sweeten the deal, other small hosting brands joined the merger, giving the group a unique chance to not only serve South Africans but also conquer the global frontier.

Let’s take a quick look at what 1-grid offers:

1-grid products/services and pricing

Company registration


1 grid has made it possible to operate a registered business in South Africa, thanks to its online registration service.

All you have to do order the service and boom! You are legit.

To make it even better, the company has packaged business registration in South Africa into one sweet deal.

  • You get free domain name registration
  • One page website
  • Professional business email
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I know what you are thinking:

Why should I register my business?

As a registered company:

  • Protects Your Finances – your personal assets and business assets will be treated separately.
  • Enhances Your Identity – gives your operations instant credibility because you are operating as a registered company. No one wants to do deals with shady entities
  • Shields you from any personal liability – Any legal matters concerning the company will not touch your personal affairs.
  • Banks and funders ONLY DEAL with registered businesses and take them seriously.

Ready to register?

Business email


 Why choose email for business?

Having an email address that is based on your domain name helps create credibility.

Having a customized email address shows everyone that you are serious, as you have invested in a unique email address and are not just using a Gmail or Apple Mail account.

The best part?

Your mailbox will be ad-free, meaningless distractions, and better productivity for you and your staff.

1 grid domains


You can:

  • Register new domains in South Africa
  • Transfer from your current registrar to 1 grid hosting. While other providers charge for this service, 1-grid hosting allows you to transfer the domain for free
  • Use WHOIS to unearth information about a particular domain

Website builder

1-grid-hosting website builder

If you don’t have any computer background or design skills, don’t worry because you can still create a beautiful and professional website.

1 grid website builder allows you to create a site without coding skills, thanks to hundreds of templates.

Additionally, you can build an online store with ease.

Web hosting in South Africa


Here are some types of hosting provided by 1 grid:

  • Shared hosting starting from R99/M, reliable, support wordpress sites, etc.
  • .NET hosting – also known as Windows hosting in South Africa. Servers are located locally, making it blazing fast. Perfect for .NET applications, websites, and CMS. Pricing starting from R80 billed monthly
  • Reseller hosting – here is where you purchase hosting plans in bulk, then resell to clients at profit. 1-grid hosting has Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller.
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Web design

If you want professionally designed websites, this is your chance. Besides this, they also offer DIY SEO services to help you boost your website rankings.

Also, there is

  • Social media marketing services TO BOOST brand awareness
  • Business essentials that encompass everything you need to succeed online.
  • Web security

These include Comodo SSL certificates to help secure your website. Costs starting from R219 per year.

Using an SSL certificate helps you avoid “Not Secure” warnings with encrypted connections that protect customer data while you boost trust and conversions



Think dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and servers with access to Cpanel. The charges start from R4999 per month depending on your needs.

1 grid hosting contact details

If you’d like to reach the company, use any of the following channels

Business Hours

Telephone Support: Monday – Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

Social Media

Or use this contact page https://1-grid.com/contact-us/

1-grid best alternatives (web hosting companies in South Africa)

The following list shows providers you should definitely check out for your website, domains, servers, email hosting, and SSL needs.

Better yet, click on each to see what we have written about them.

  1. Afrihost
  2. HostKing.co.za
  3. Mweb
  4. Truehost.africa

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