April 23, 2024
20 Biggest Hedge Funds in The World

Generally, the world’s 15,000 hedge funds manage around $4.5 trillion in assets for their clients, weathering economic storms and world events to get returns. Using data from Pension & Investments, this visual breaks down the world’s biggest hedge funds in terms of assets under management.

The Top 20 Hedge Funds

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates is the world’s biggest hedge fund by a mile. At the time of this ranking, Bridgewater was managing over $126 billion in assets for clients as wide-ranging as university endowment funds, foreign country’s central banks, and charities.

Below is the ranking

RankHedge FundAssets (millions USD)Headquarters
1Bridgewater Associates$126,400U.S.
2Man Group$73,500UK
3Renaissance Technologies$57,000U.S.
4Millennium Management$54,968U.S.
6D.E Shaw Group$47,861U.S.
7Two Sigma Investments / Advisers$ 40,969U.S.
8Davidson Kempner Capital Management$37,450U.S.
9Farallon Capital Management$37,400U.S.
10TCI Fund Management$36,200UK
11Marshall Wace$34,400UK
12Ruffer $31,662UK
13AOR Capital Management$28,200U.S.
14Anchorage Capital Group$27,100U.S.
15Baupost Group$26,300U.S.
16Point72 Asset Management$26,100U.S.
17Capula Investment Management$25,000UK
18Wellington Management$24,968U.S.
19Brevan Howard Asset Management$23,353UK

The above annual ranking uses AUM data from June 2022

Out of all the hedge funds, 70% of them are headquartered in North America, with many of the world’s largest based in the United States.

The Fastest Growing Hedge Funds

Most of these large funds were new to the top 20 category since they moved up dramatically from the 2021 ranking. Below is a table showing the AUM growth rates year-over-year.

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RankHedge FundGrowth in AUM (% change Y-o-Y)
1Brevan Howard Asset Management46.0%
4D.E Shaw Group20.4%
5Point72 Asset Management19.7%
6Bridgewater Associates19.6%
7Man Group15.9%
8Wellington Management10.5%
9AQR Capital Management8.0%
10Millenium Management5.1%
11Capula Investment Management4.6%
12Marshall Wace3.9%
13Two Sigma Investments/Advisers3.6%
14Davidson Kempner Capital Management0.3%
15Renaissance Technologies-1.7%
16Farallon Capital Management-1.8%
17TCI Fund Management-9.5%
18Anchorage Capital Group-12.8%
19Baupost Group-15.2%
20Ruffer  _

UK-based Brevan Howard moved from 26th to 19th, witnessing a 46% increase in their assets under management. 

Hedge fund growth can be uncorrelated with the broader market, and this does not necessarily indicate the overall economy. However, analyzing the strategies used by hedge funds and their performance can provide useful insight for investors.

Sources of the data in this ranking

use the Pensions & Investments annual ranking of the largest hedge funds.

AUM data from June 2022.

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