April 13, 2024
4G Capital

The most advanced financial technology company in Africa is the 4th Generation Capital Company or 4G Capital. They give credit to people who need it the most and do it responsibly. They also give people quick, easy access to low-interest, no-collateral loans that meet our strict affordability standards so they don’t get into too much debt. Small businesses and entrepreneurs rely on their loans to grow their businesses and be ready for the unexpected.

It is also a lender that focuses on people who work for themselves, like people who work in informal markets. The company’s micro-credits and loans make it easy for clients to get useful information and financial help. The company offers a custom-made business training program to help clients use these resources to grow their businesses.

4G Capital is committed to helping small businesses get started in Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. To reach this goal, they have made services and products that make it easier to get short-term loans to buy stocks and to pay back these loans on time so that they can get more loans. By doing this, you can grow your business quickly without worrying about running out of supplies.

Additionally, the company has helped businesses get the fast, unsecured loans they need in the past. The company has used Kuza by 4G Capital to do this.

You can’t let your business stay the same when 4G Capital Kenya has come out with such great products. With just one phone call, you might get all the information you need to join their team and start using any of their financial solutions to help your business. If you want to get to know someone better, you can always go to their place of work.

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How it Works


The best thing about getting a loan from 4G Capital through Kuza is that you don’t have to put up any collateral. Here is a list of what you need to do: 

If you want to stock up on supplies for your business, you’ll need to apply for financing. 4G Capital sends an SMS to confirm the loan amount and terms.

The delivery person will get a confirmation SMS as soon as the goods are delivered. The information about the credit is kept in the partner system. If you pay back the first loan and make money from selling your items, you may be able to get more loans.

You must first sign up with 4G Capital by contacting them Before you can follow the mentioned steps. After you’ve signed up, you’ll need your credentials to get to the 4G Capital login page.

Smart Duka

It’s a must-have item that goes well with Kuza. A partner of 4G Capital, Technology Service, sells a product called Smart Duka. The focus of the solution is to teach small business owners how to use loans strategically to make as much money as possible.


UPIA is the latest product from this fintech company, which is growing quickly. Any business owner who wants to grow their business will benefit from buying this item. A loan that doesn’t need collateral or a guarantor is said to be “unsecured.” The company came up with the term UPIA, which stands for “Unsecured, Private, Instant, and Affordably Priced.”


Wayne Hennessy-Barrett

Wayne Hennessy-Barrett: Founder @
4G Capital: The Neobank for Africa

Wayne Hennessy-Barrett started 4G Capital, a new bank that helps micro, small, and medium-sized businesses get loans, and he is the CEO of that bank.

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He has a lot of experience with corporate governance and risk management, and he has built and led scalable distribution networks in developing markets all over the world.

After his service, he used his knowledge of intelligence to work as a consultant and strategic advisor for many boards in both the private and public sectors.

He is a strong believer in the power of new financial technologies to help reduce poverty and boost long-term growth.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Ceniarth LLC

4G Capital has been given a $2 million loan by Ceniarth LLC. This loan will be used to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in East Africa. This is the second time the company has raised money, bringing the total amount to $4 million.

4G Capital will use the money to lend more money to small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya and Uganda that don’t have bank accounts.

Both the company and the investor are very committed to making things better for underserved and overlooked businesses in the African economy by giving them access to sustainable financial services that help them reach their full potential and help their communities.

4G Capital knows how important it is to help small businesses with credit management all the time. Therefore, the company teaches its clients how to run their businesses and manage their money and gives them working capital loans in the right amount. Using this method, 4G Capital’s clients have seen their income grow by an average of 82% from one year to the next.

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Main Competitors

Iwoca: It gives small businesses access to ways to get credit and money.

Kinara Capital: This is a company that helps small business owners get loans without requiring collateral.

Steward: It is changing farming by making it easier for small, regenerative farms that work on a human scale to get funding to grow.


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