April 15, 2024

Africa Health Holdings (AHH) is the largest and most technologically advanced healthcare network in Africa. It has more than 40 medical facilities in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. AHH is committed to giving its institutions financial, administrative, and technical help as part of a larger effort to create a connected, tech-forward healthcare system in Africa that puts the needs of patients first.

Africa Health Holdings is committed to giving its employees a place of work that is interesting, and challenging, and pushes them to do their best.

Africa Health Holdings has a lot of job opportunities for you to look into, whether you want to work in Africa or North America. They’ve made a place where professionals from all walks of life are encouraged to give their best every day. They are looking for people who can work together and want to help improve the quality of life in their local African communities.

Additionally, Africa Health Holdings runs 40 hospitals and clinics across Africa under three different names: Meridian Health Group in Kenya, Rabito Clinic in Ghana, and Care Point Hospitals in Nigeria.

In Kenya, the Meridian Health Group runs a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in addition to its other medical facilities. In Nigeria, Care Point Hospitals Limited runs two hospitals and a clinic. In Ghana, Rabito Clinic Limited runs twenty-one similar facilities. In all three countries, pharmacy and lab services are also part of how Africa Health Holdings does business.

How it Works

MyCareMobile App

The company’s MyCareMobile app lets people have virtual doctor visits and other services done remotely. This is on top of the fact that test results are always available and an emergency response team is always ready to help.

Clinical Quality

Africa Health Holdings (AHH) is very happy with how well all of their healthcare brands in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria treat patients. They only hire the most qualified experts in each field because they care about their patients as whole people.

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When you need medical help, you can be sure that the staff at any AHH facility is well-trained and kind.

They make sure that every therapy meets the standards set by each country by doing required clinical audits and going over patient case records

Patients can be sure that their privacy will be protected because their medical records are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized medical staff. This means that they will get the best care possible using the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology.

Quality Control

They’ve set up a separate department called Quality & Compliance whose only job is to make sure you get the timely care, right for you, and designed to make you happy. This is because they want to improve the quality of their services.

This division coordinates audits, reviews of partner facilities, technical training for employees, compliance with regulations, and other quality improvement efforts to make sure patients are happy.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and strategic partnerships with quality control groups like SafeCare show how committed they are to giving great service.

It’s also important to hear what their patients have to say, so they’ve set up many ways for them to do so. Patients’ ideas are taken into account and put into action as much as possible.

Safe care Partnership

Achieving healthcare quality on par with that seen in other developed countries has always been a priority at AHH. This is why they engaged in an agreement with SafeCare, a division of the PharmAccess Group, to improve the quality of care provided at their hospitals and clinics throughout the African continent.

Accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association, SafeCare was developed through a partnership between ISQua and Joint Commission International to assess the standard of care delivered and to offer a systematic, incentivizing, and technologically supported route to long-term enhancement.

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Through this collaboration, they have entrusted SafeCare with the responsibility of evaluating their healthcare delivery practices and establishing industry standards. Their facilities have achieved SafeCare Certification at Levels 2-4, and are committed to obtaining Level 5 for all of their facilities shortly.


Sangu Delle

sangu delle

Sangu Delle is the Chairman and CEO of Africa Health Holdings. He runs the company (“AHH”). He is in charge of all the international branches and is in charge of operations all over the world, including fundraising and working with investors.

After starting the venture capital firm Golden Palm Investments Corporation (“GPIC”) in 2006, Sangu was CEO of the company until 2017. 

Sangu has worked at places like Valiant Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs in the past. Sangu is on the Board of Directors and advisory boards for many international organizations, such as AHH, mPharma, Andela, the Global Health and Service Advisory Council at Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Center for African Studies, and Ashesi University.

Sangu got a Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honors in African Studies and Economics from Harvard College. 

He also got an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Master of International Human Rights Law from Oxford University, and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. 

He has finished Oxford University’s Said Business School’s Executive Education Programme in Leadership. Sangu is now a lawyer in both Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

Erharuyi Idemudia

Erharuyi Idemudia

Erharuyi Idemudia is both the General Counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer for AHH. As the head of AHH’s legal department, he is in charge of legal strategy, compliance, risk assessment, government relations, business ethics, and corporate governance.

Before he joined AHH, Erharuyi was a partner and the worldwide general counsel of one of the most successful African venture capital companies, Golden Palm Investments Corporation (GPIC). 

He was an expert in corporate governance, and while he was in that position, he advised the business on internal private placements, portfolio management, and private equity and venture capital investments. 

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Before joining GPIC, Erharuyi worked as a lawyer in New York City for a company that specialized in business disputes.

Erharuyi did his undergraduate work at the University of Texas at El Paso. He studied Communications and Legal Reasoning. 

He then got his J.D. from Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, where he was also an Articles Editor for the Law Review.

Investors & Funding Rounds

 Asia Pacific Land and Natural World Limited, TRB Advisors, Breyer Capital, M3, IncValiant Capital, Kepple Ventures, and SUNU Capital.

Africa Health Holdings got $18 million from a Series A funding round. This money will be used to grow its “tech-forward healthcare system” in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Asia Pacific Land and Natural World Limited was the main person who raised money for this round of fundraising. TRB Advisors, Breyer Capital, M3, Inc., Valiant Capital, Kepple Ventures, and SUNU Capital also took part.

With the extra money, Africa Health Holdings will offer telemedicine services in countries other than Ghana, like Nigeria and Kenya.

As more people on the continent get access to the internet, the company plans to offer more than just in-person visits by letting its mobile app be used for electronic follow-ups.

Main Competitors

Arcellx: This is a biotechnology company that is in the middle of clinical trials and uses immune cells to treat patients.

Aimmune Therapeutics: It is a biopharmaceutical company in the clinical trial phase. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for people with food allergies.

Zsquare: It developed the world’s thinnest, high-resolution micro-endoscope having tremendous potential for a variety of medical applications.


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