April 15, 2024

AiCare was incubated in 2020 at the Antler Program and later joined the BIMA Lab Insurtech accelerator run by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya (IRA).

AiCare has developed an in-house technology that uses automobile driving data and driving behavior data to calculate the driver’s accident risk and quantify a risk score for insurance products led by the company’s founders who have specialized AI and machine learning.

 Insurance companies may use the score provided by AiCare — instead of developing and investing in the technology from scratch — to offer their telematics insurance products to their customers.

The company’s owners, who have specialized in AI and machine learning, have created an in-house technology that uses vehicle driving data and driving behavior data to measure the driver’s crash probability and quantify a risk ranking for insurance policies. 

Instead of designing and investing in the technology from the ground up, insurance carriers will use AiCare’s score to sell their telematics insurance plans to their clients.

Their custom-built machine-learning algorithm gives immediate access to powerful driving scoring tools that promote safer driving behavior and help generate reliable underwriting and risk-based pricing decisions.

Their Software-As-A-Service business model lowers the cost of adopting telematics, allowing companies to roll out telematics-based products without a large initial capital outlay.

They also factor in the local road infrastructure and the unique driving patterns in Kenya to create a truly localized risk profile relevant to the region.

Their technology has a myriad of applications in various mobility segments, including auto insurance, asset finance, fleet management, car manufacturers, and road safety.

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In addition, their proprietary solution has won them several awards and helped form significant partnerships with Toyota Tsusho Group, Mobility 54, and Prudential Insurance.

How it Works

AiCare determines a driver’s accident risk score using a data-driven technique, allowing motor vehicle insurers to compute customized premium rates based on real-time data on driving behavior and distance traveled. 

Their system provides incentives for safe driving, lowering premium prices for good drivers and lowering the risk associated with motor insurance.

Discounted Car Insurance for people who drive less

If you drive your car less than 4 days a week, you could qualify for a discount of 25% or Kes. 10,000 on motor insurance.

Flexible Bodaboda Insurance

Kenya’s first digital insurance for as low as Kes. 7 per trip or Kes. 50/- per day with claims payout on mobile in 24 hrs or less.

  • Repairs or replacement the bodaboda with claims processed
  • Initial hospital expenses (X-rays, scans, and tests)
  • Your family receives daily payouts within 24hrs for days of hospitalization
  • Automated ambulance dispatch in the event of a serious accident

The Mobile App for Safer families on the road

A safer ride for kids to and from school or after-school activities for time-crunched parents who want to monitor how their kids are driven when they’re not in the car.

  • See how your kids are driven when you’re not in the car
  • Get Harsh Driving Alerts
  • Get Accident Alerts
  • 24/7 Automatic Ambulance


Arthur Mulwa

Arthur Mulwa

Arthur Mulwa is the Co-Founder and CEO at AiCare.

He is also a finance professional with a background in Commodity Trading, Business Analysis, and Risk Management Strengths lie in financial modeling, analyzing, interpreting, and condensing information, and quick decision-making. 

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Arthur particularly enjoys working in a team environment, leveraging the strengths of the team to provide appropriate solutions for clients.

He attended Middlebury College.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Mobility 54, CFAO Group, NaiBAN

Toyota Tsusho Corporation has announced an investment in Kenyan telematics insurance provider AiCare Group. 

The investment will be made through Mobility Investment SAS, Toyota Tsusho’s corporate venture capital subsidiary. 

Toyota Tsusho will also partner with AiCare to deploy its technology across Africa, leveraging Toyota’s extensive automotive network.

In addition, telematics insurance has significant potential synergy with the connected services that may emerge across the continent in the coming years.

Toyota Tsusho group will continue to pursue a safe and better mobility society in Africa by promoting the collaboration of telematics insurance and connected services.

The startup plans to use the investment to expand its team, invest in research and development, and offer more value to its customers.

In addition, the investment in AiCare is aimed at providing better quality insurance services to drivers by accelerating the penetration of telematics insurance in the African insurance sector. 

Toyota Tsusho group will help AiCare’s telematics insurance system to be deployed on a Pan-Africa basis by fully leveraging its vast automotive network in Africa.

AiCare has also secured funding from Nairobi Business Angels Network (NaiBAN). 

With this investment, NaiBAN joins strategic lead investor Mobility54 as well as other angel investors including Ram Ganesan. 

Main Competitors

Jerry: This is an AI, ML, and bot-powered car ownership app that saves customers time and money on car expenses.

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Jiaanpei: It operates as an integrated auto service platform.


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