June 21, 2024

Founded by Nelson Aseka (CEO), George Issaias (CMO), Lamusia Anzaya (COO), and Ankit Jindal (CTO), AIfluence leverages advanced machine-learning algorithms to match influencers with a target demographic through its audience-first strategy. 

The platform further allows advertisers to onboard and coordinate hundreds to thousands of micro and nano influencers per campaign, generating authentic peer-to-peer conversations and superior conversion. 

AIfluence’s data-driven approach is used by regional and global advertisers across FMCG, banking, travel, and electronics in 13 countries in Africa and Asia.

Their platform offers an end-to-end solution to optimize and scale global influencer marketing strategies.

AIfluence’s advanced algorithms power influencer discovery and evaluation, campaign management, and performance measurement for both organic and paid influencer marketing campaigns.

AIfluence solves the major pain point experienced by most marketers in influencer marketing by accurately predicting and delivering measurable ROI on every campaign.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most impactful media channels today. 

There’s a growing ad-blocking movement and key demographics are spending less time in front of TVs.

Marketers have now realized that their customers trust the recommendations of people they relate with.

However, despite this being an impactful channel, brand teams globally face a major dilemma: determining the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns.

AIfluence is a startup with an AI-driven influencer marketing approach to measuring these campaigns. 

 Placing AI at the core of the product, the founders started AIfluence to accurately match influencers to brands, run end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns, and bring transparency to the measurement of impact (ROI).

AIfluence is developed for an audience-first approach. It identifies and gains deep insights into a target audience and works backward to identify influencers that impact this target audience. 

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The platform is built on a trust network model where it deploys thousands of nano influencers and followers who have a natural affinity to a brand and exhibit a high emotional connection with the target audience.

How it Works


They have an ‘audience-first-always’ philosophy. Their platform, powered by next-generation advanced algorithms, can tell us more about a target audience than has ever been possible.

They then reverse-engineer the process to identify the micro and nano influencers across all social media platforms who are in the trust networks of that audience.

If the influencers have a natural brand affinity, and positive connections to their networks and pass their brand security audit – they connect with them to drive their campaign.


No databases, no marketplace, no ‘celebrities’, no wannabes & no ‘reach’ obsession.

They start each campaign with a blank canvas. They then find ordinary people who feel connected to their campaign and they empower them to share their messages in their own, unique style. 

In any language, any country, and at any scale. Tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for brands.


They track every minute, they test every message, and they change behaviors, attitudes, and purchasing decisions.

Their clients can see a campaign unfold in real-time, with full transparency and the flexibility to change direction, evolve, and scale a campaign anytime and anywhere. 

Simply put they provide their clients with the data and insights they need to remove uncertainty from their decision.


Before they go live with a campaign, they can predict the results with over 90% accuracy. 

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Therefore, at the end of a campaign, they can deliver conversion rates four times over the global average.

They talk the talk, therefore testing them with a pilot project and experiencing AIfluences’ capabilities firsthand.


Nelson Aseka

Nelson Aseka

Nelson Aseka has two current jobs as Co-Founder and CEO at AIfluence and entrepreneur at Antler.

Nelson is a passionate, accomplished marketing professional, a certified and verifiable growth hacker, with an invaluable and rich combination of strong Information Technology, Economics, Entrepreneurial mindset, and background. 

He has gained a global stellar reputation for building global brands over the years in Sub-Saharan Africa through strategic and innovative brand advocacy (Influencer Marketing) techniques, which for instance saw him introduce and grow Jameson Whiskey in East Africa from Zero to the highest-selling whisky in 7 months (2012/13), propelled Chivas Regal to be the most viral whisky brand in Nigeria in 2013 amongst others.

He has broad marketing experience, encompassing strategic planning, brand advocacy/Influencer Marketing, trade marketing, qualitative and quantitative research, digital marketing, interactive marketing, creative development, media planning and buying, database /direct marketing, route to market, and route to consumer management, public relations, sales promotions, and visual merchandising, with the ability and skill set to provide highly creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership. 

Additionally, Nelson Aseka is Focused on achieving continuous, improved business performance.

George Issaias

George Issaias

George Issaias is the Co-Founder and CMO at AIfluence.

Arthur Stsepanenka

Arthur Stsepanenka is the Head of AI at AIfluence.

Ankit Jindal

Ankit Jindal

Ankit Jindal has two current jobs as Co-Founder and CTO at AIfluence and Co-Founder at Trodly.

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Investors & Funding Rounds

U.S. Global Engagement Center, Antler East Africa, Oui Capital, ArabyAds 

AIfluence announced that it had raised $1 million in seed investment led by Dubai-based EQ2 Ventures. Other investors include Antler East Africa, Oui Capital, ArabyAds, and an unnamed European family office.

AIfluence is the first startup from the builder to have raised $1 million.

AIfluence makes money by running brand campaigns that drive awareness of products and services, and lead generation and conversion campaigns that drive sales. 

The company is currently working on a SaaS offering it says will place the power of the platform in the hands of its customers.

The Kenya-based Adtech startup plans to use its newly acquired funds to further develop its Tech and SaaS platform, and expand into the rest of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Main Competitors

Flicron: This is a micro-Influencers Marketing Platform.

Magnetic: This is an AI digital marketing platform.

Instreamatic: It is an AI Marketing Platform.


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