April 23, 2024

In 2018, the same year it was founded, Argineering won both RiseUp’s pitch competition and CBC’s Hona El-Assema and has been making waves in Europe ever since. With their product “RG Kit,” Argineering had to think meticulously about the market they should start at. Their eyes landed on one of Europe’s busiest shopping avenues, Oxford Street in London.

Their product quite literally caught the eyes of shopping arenas like Selfridges and Ted Baker. However, Argineering also caters to cultural venues like museums and showrooms; London Science Museum is also one of its clients’ portfolio.

As a company that focuses on design, Argineering is trying to make robots easy for everyone to use. Starting with the creative sector, we can free designers and filmmakers from the limits of technology by giving them devices, software, and platforms that don’t require coding. Hermès, Selfridges, Jelmoli, Charles Tyrwhitt, and other high-end stores and advertising firms around the world have all used RGKit to create interactive storefront displays.

It’s the brains of a modular device that makes static exhibitions and displays more fun to look at. The company’s device is made up of light, touch, and proximity sensors, as well as actuators that control things like rotation and light intensity. This lets creative people make interactive environments without having to write a single line of code.

Everyone needs to be able to talk to other people. People are social beings who are always interacting with each other and the world around them. Our minds, hearts, and senses work best when they are challenged, stimulated, and amused. 

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The desire to interact, to connect, exists in us all. As interactive beings, we interact not only with each other but with the world around us. We love to create and immerse ourselves in experiences, engage minds and senses, and stir up emotions.

 At Argineering, they believe that design and art should interact with people the same way they interact with each other. Drive your creativity into a new dimension and bring your designs to life…designs that detect passersby, lights that react to movement, objects that twirl and swirl, items that turn to touch sensors, and more. All this with RGKit, the world’s first device customized for artists and designers to create interactive environments with an easy-to-use process, using both hardware and software.

Therefore, Argineering is an interactive design lab that simplifies the creation of an interactive design. Argineering provides shop owners and artists with devices that would enable them to create customer interaction through window displays and installations.

How it Works

Signing Up

If you are already a customer, sign up, get your unique link and share it with your friends and family, your followers, or even your business partners. Get higher chances of purchases when you share your content using RGKit PLAY.

If you own an online store, promote RGKit PLAY and share the link with your customers. They will support you with promotional material to fit your store. The more you sell, the more discounts and freebies you’ll get.

If you’re a blogger or vlogger, and not necessarily a customer of theirs, you can always introduce RGKit PLAY to your followers and post on your social media, personal blog, or video and photo forums.

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RGKit works with a lot of different add-ons. When you connect the modules to a power source, they automatically find each other and pair with your mobile device. You won’t have to worry about wiring or putting up complicated electronics like you would with a more traditional setup. You don’t need to know anything about coding at all.

By connecting a set of motors which are all the same and can be switched out and a wide range of accessories which all work together automatically and can be controlled from your phone, you can make complex moving scenes quickly.

You can use the software either manually or automatically. Manual Mode lets users control both the modules and the interface in real-time. Auto Mode lets users set up a series of actions that will happen when they click the play button. You can change many settings, such as speed, acceleration, time, and delay, depending on what you want.


David Erian

David Erian

David Erian is the Founder and CEO of Argineering.

He was in charge of a group that was working on a project to make carbon nanotubes by putting them on different surfaces like fiber, fabric, and wires. 

The group’s goal was to make a pilot system for automating and robotizing the production of carbon nanotube-plating fibers with robots. 

The goals were met very well by using software to make the robot’s settings change on their own.

Islam Galal Yehia

Islam Galal Yehia is the CTO and Founder at Argineering.

Investors & Funding Rounds

500 Startups, Flat6Labs Cairo

500 Startups and Flat6Labs Cairo recently gave $400,000 to Argineering as part of a seed round. Also, as an Angel Investor, Islam Mahdy, who is the chairman and CEO of Credence and a hotel entrepreneur who specializes in making experiences that focus on people, was part of the round.

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With this money, the goal is to speed up the creation of a new job that uses AI and data analytics. Making money off of the information they get from customers will be the most profitable part of their business.

Main Competitors

Exyn Technologies: Exyn Technologies is developing autonomous aerial robot systems.

Use Heard: It’s an ad tech company that helps artists manage their campaigns across multiple platforms by giving them tools.

Boostinsider: This is a company that works with artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. It is based in San Francisco. They made SocialBook, which is a powerful tool for marketing through influencers.


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