April 16, 2024

More than a decade ago, their three founders set out to find ways for the world’s billions of people to get power and other services without them.

They realized that making sure everyone has access to basic needs was the key to reaching their full potential and fostering long-term economic growth through data-driven logistics and creative finance strategies.

They worked together to make a super platform with Bboxx Pulse, Bboxx’s fully integrated operating system, and a huge ground network that makes sure critical goods and services are always available.

 Bbox has built a super platform on two pillars: their fully integrated operating system, Bboxx Pulse, and their huge ground network to meet the needs of their customers all over Africa.

They combine logistics with creative financing options to make it easy and cheap for people all over Africa to get to solutions that will make their lives better.

 Additionally, they are actively developing and scaling by making strategic partnerships with governments and world-class corporations To meet the needs of their customers in both rural and urban areas of Africa.

The lives of more than 2.5 million people have gotten better Because of their work to make sure that more people in Africa have access to basic goods and services and to speed up the continent’s economic transformation.

How it Works

As customers, workers, and goods are spread out in different parts of Africa, it may be hard for businesses that are spread out to keep up with their growth.

Last-mile distribution, extending the life cycle of a product, improving business efficiency, managing a remote workforce, and using complex business procedures are all examples of these problems.

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When they made Bboxx Pulse, their goal was to get rid of these scaling problems. It makes it easier for product, service, and utility companies to grow all over the world Because Bboxx Pulse is so complete. 

Their solution combines technical and operational excellence. It is based on Bboxx’s twelve years of innovation and ground experience in East and West Africa and Asia.

The Bboxx Pulse platform is made to handle problems with products, customers, and the business as a whole.

Bboxx Pulse also uses a unique innovation strategy based on the process to help organizations grow quickly. This means they can offer solutions that were made just for this purpose.

On top of that, value innovation is characterized by constant growth and the ability to face operational problems head-on with solutions that increase the value for users.


Mansoor Hamayun

Mansoor went to Imperial College London to get his Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

In 2008, he started e.quinox and was its first Chairman. In 2010, he helped Laurent Van Houcke and Christopher Baker-Brian start BBOX.

Mansoor is in charge of every part of BBOX’s global strategy, including human resources, expansion into new regions, and building strategic partnerships with big companies in the same field.

Mansoor has a lot of experience leading teams in the engineering and customer service industries. He was a senior executive at Rolls-Royce company in the UK and Hong Kong.

Mansoor spends a lot of time in the market laying the groundwork and making alliances that will help the company reach its social mission of bringing electricity to the masses.

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Laurent Van Houcke

Imperial College London gave Laurent a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) with honors in electrical and electronics engineering.

In 2008, he started e.quinox with a group of other students. The next year, he helped start BBOXX.

Laurent is in charge of all of BBOXX’s operations around the world. This includes packaging, shipping, point-of-sale management, advertising, and strategic planning for all of BBOXX’s regions.

Laurent has worked for Norman Disney & Young as an energy consultant and for EDF Energy in London as a distributor.

Laurent helps BBOXX’s local partners in each of their markets with the technical, market, and business development help while he is on the road.

Christopher Baker-Brian

Christopher got his M.Eng. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with the highest honors from Imperial College London.

In 2008, he started e.quinox with a group of other students. The next year, he helped start BBOXX.

Christopher is in charge of how BBOXX launches new products, manages the supply chain, and works with manufacturers on strategic partnerships.

Christopher has a lot of technical knowledge in the aerospace Rolls-Royce and petrochemical Shell industries as well.

He is a full member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). He is also a member of the IEEE Ad-Hoc Committee on Humanitarian Activities for the years 2011–2014.

Christopher was also a Professional Excellence Graduate Trainee for Rolls-Royce.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Mitsubishi Corporation, ENGIE, Bamboo Capital Partners, DOEN Participaties, and MacKinnon, Bennett & Company (MKB)

Bboxx has raised $50 million in its Series D round of funding.

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A major financial milestone was reached when Mitsubishi Corporation, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, led the financing round with a large investment.

The goal of Bboxx is to use technology to unlock potential and improve the lives of millions of people around the world. This investment will help the company reach this goal.

Bboxx will be able to grow its business in Asia and Africa, where it is already present in 12 countries with the help of the investment from Mitsubishi Corporation.

Main Competitors

Gintech Energy Corporation: It makes solar cells, and sells them.

HPS: It makes solar energy storage and user systems for homes from scratch.

Lightsource Renewable Energy: It installs solar panels on roofs and the ground in the UK.


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