April 14, 2024
PROFITABLE Businesses to Start with 100k in Kenya

With the rate of unemployment in Kenya, you might consider venturing into business. The problem can be the fear of investing in the wrong business. This article will help you know the best profitable businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya.

#1. Car Wash Business

Soo many Kenyans are now buying cars and at the same time, they are busy with their jobs or running their businesses. What does that tell you? They do not have time to wash their cars and that’s where you come in.

From Friday evening to Sunday evening, you might have noticed that most car washing points are normally full. So you can now agree with me that they do not have time to do it themselves and again they want it super clean. Guess who can give them that, it’s you a car wash owner. So should we now get started with how much you need to start a car wash business? I guess I can hear you say “Yes Please”. Ok, let’s go.

You will need a start-up capital of around 100k. Once you have the cash what next? Locate a busy area near the main road, especially a busy road, near a town or a big estate.

Make sure you have a reliable water supply then buy a car washing machine. Buy washing detergents in large quantities to avoid running out of detergent and at the same time to be economical. You will need towels for cleaning both the interior and exterior.

I almost forgot a very important point. You can include carpets in your services. I’m sure you have seen carpets being cleaned at several car wash points.

Let’s list the price for your assets

1). Car Washing Machine- there are different types with different prices but let’s go with our budget. You can get a car washing machine ranging between 20k-30k. This all depends on your budget and all you are willing to offer to your clients. 

Read more about car washing machines in Kenya here.

2). If your location has no water source you will need to buy water storage tanks or tap water from any nearby source and bring it to your location. You can get a water tank between 35k-40k

3). To get your towels, detergents, brushes, horse pipe and any other thing you might need might require 6k. Remember we talked about cleaning detergents in large quantities? 

4) You need to pay for the space you will be using. Give it 10k too. With that amount, you will be ready to get started.

5). Get all the legal papers needed to run a car wash business in Kenya. Give it about 10k.

To wash a saloon car the cost is Ksh 200. If you wash 10 cars a day then you have your Ksh 2000.

#2. Wines & Spirits Business

Statistics show that almost 13 million Kenyans drink daily spending an average of Ksh 250 every time. I guess that’s why they didn’t attend Mashujaa day since Quickmart had some crazy offers for the same. Hahaha kidding.

You can never go wrong with this business. Kenyans love partying and drinking to relieve their stress. But before you get excited about the business, let’s talk about the requirements. You will need to get a liquor license and the license will depend on the size of the business you want to set up.

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I know you want the breakdown here you go.

Alcoholic drinks license- 24,000 (off license0

Business permit – 3,500

Furniture and stock- 50,000

House rental fee and deposits- 20,000.

#3. Butchery Business

Even when money is not in our pockets, we still want to give Sukuma a flavor by adding some meat to it. 

Kenyans are always buying meat. There are no celebrations without meat. Think of weekends, people want to enjoy ‘Choma’ with friends or just share with their family and that cannot happen in the absence of meat.

However, meat is perishable, and venturing into it requires a good plan. You need a strategic location that is populated enough. A reliable source of meat is also key in getting into the butchery business.

Shall we break it down?

Business license- 10,000

Display counter- 30,000

Weighing scale – 5,000

Freezer- 40,000

Meat stock- 10,000

Any other material- 5,000

#4. Day Care Business

So many Kenyans have a 9 to 5 job and have to leave their children during those working hours. Some people are not comfortable with having a house help after soo many cases of children missing or being mistreated and even killed by a help.

Instead, parents prefer leaving their kids in a well-known professional childcare center. So if you are passionate about kids and you don’t have other errands to run, you can consider venturing into this.

If you have a big compound, you can start by taking care of your neighbor’s kids or renting a space.

Let’s help you get started.

Invest in toys- 30,000

Diapers- 10,000

Utensils and food- 20,000

The required legal papers-10,000

Rental and first-time deposit- 20,000

Several mattresses for nap time- 15,000

You can start by charging Ksh 100 per child a day.

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#5. Photography Business

With so many events taking place every day, the photography business is in demand, especially in Kenya. Every day there are birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and wedding ceremonies, and people want to create memories by having quality photos. 

So if you are passionate or a professional photographer you can venture into this.

Let’s get you started.

Good Camera- 50,000

Photo lighting equipment- 25,000

Computer or Laptop- 25,000

#6. Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning a client’s office or even their house. This may involve floors, couches, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, walls and windows, and any other surface that needs cleaning.

To get started with this business, you will need a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, spray bottles and different types of detergents, toilet brushes, mops, squeezers, and cleaning buckets.

You can start by charging 1500 per hour. Market yourself both online and offline.

Your starting Capital budget

Vacuum Cleaner- 11,000

Carpet Cleaner- 42,000

Detergents – 10,000

Any other item needed- 8,000

Business Permit – 10,000

Rental space and first-time deposit- 20,000

#7. Catering Business

With many people organizing events such as weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, and funerals starting a catering business targeting these events can be a good opportunity for you to grow in business.

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The catering business can be outside or indoor catering. To get started you will need a business permit and a health certificate from the health ministry. You will also need room to do all the meal preparation and the kitchen equipment required. You will also need staff and your first Stock.

Your Budget 100k

Business Permit- 15,000

Health Certificate- 3000

Rental space – 5000 only paid when hosting the event

Kitchen Equipment- 30,000

Staff- 20,000

Stock- 25,000

The profits from one event can be awesome so do all you can to market your business.

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#8. Event Planning

People want to contact baby showers, birthdays, and weddings but they are busy with other things like work. You can be that guy for them by helping them make their event colorful even though they are too busy to plan for themselves.

You can earn a lot from this especially if you gain a bigger number of clients. One thing about this business it does not require a lot of capital. Find reliable suppliers to partner with such as the catering team. 

One advantage of event planning is that if the catering team gets a client they can help you be part of the team by recommending you to their client.

What you need.

Laptop- 40,000

Printer- 5,000

Business permit- 10,000

Office supplies – 4,000

Initial marketing costs- 20,000

#9. Cosmetic Business

This is a profitable business you can venture into here in Kenya. With the increasing demand for beauty products, you can make huge profits from this business. Now than ever, Kenyans are more invested in taking care of their skin men included.

You can take this chance and start this business today.

All you will need to get started.

Beauty products cost- 70,000

Business permit- 10,000

Rent and upfront rent- 20,000

#10. Kinyozi & Salon Business

We all want to look smart both men and women and therefore Kinyozi and the salon business can never be outdated. At least not now. All you need is a ready market and your start-up capital. So let’s help you understand how much money you need to get started.

Business Permit- 10,000

Rent and upfront rent- 20,000

Furniture – 30,000

Equipment and machines- 40,000

#11. Boda Boda Business

This might shock you but a bodaboda operator in Nairobi can earn up to Ksh 2000 a day. On the other hand, a rural-area bodaboda operator earns at least 700 a day. That is a good amount of money right?

With discipline and professionalism, you can grow fast in this business. What you need.

Cost of motorcycle- 80,000

Insurance and other important items-20,000

#12. A Milk Bar Business

Milk is perishable and so, it requires a high level of hygiene and careful handling. The demand for milk is high in Kenya and so starting this business can be a great idea. 

You can start a milk bar business in Kenya with 100k. All you will need is a reliable supply of milk, a strategic location, and a milk ATM/bar. You will also need a business permit and a health certificate.

Make sure you keep the place clean and the milk free from contamination. 

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Your budget.

50liter milk ATM- Ksh 75,000

Business permit- 10,000

Health certificate- 3000

Rent – 5000

Buy milk- 7000

Only buy what you can sell in a day to avoid incurring losses in case the milk goes bad.

#13. M-Pesa Business

If you have been thinking of starting a business in Kenya, has the Mpesa business ever crossed your mind? If you haven’t, then you might what to know more about it. I have operated this business before, and so I have a lot I want you to understand before you think of starting one. 

First, it is a very profitable business as long as you choose your location well. However, the business is targeted by soo many conmen. This is what you don’t want to miss. First never receive a call on your personal phone asking you to operate the M-Pesa mobile as they give you instructions. Secondly, Safaricom only calls through 0722000000. 

Go for training or click here to learn more to do with M-Pesa business.

What you need.

Business Permit- 4500 (depends on either rural or urban)

Float- at least 20,000

Cash – 40,000

Rent and upfront rent- 15,000

#14. MaliMali Business

Mali Mali Business is a very profitable business in Kenya that you can venture into. With 100k you are good to get started. Let me start by telling you where you can get these plastics in Kenya. The best places to get the mali mali items are Kamukunji, Nyayo Market, and River Road.

You can make huge profits from Mali Mali. Make sure you mix both high-quality plastics and low-quality plastics too. People have different preferences. Do we need to give you a budget here? All you will need is a business permit. Rent and your stock.

Business Permit- 10,000

Rent and upfront – 20,000

Stock – 70,000

#15. Mitumba Business

Did you know you can make 200% profit from the Mitumba business? You can buy clothes from Gikomba for Ksh 50 and sell them for Ksh 100 or 150. With a 100k you can even buy bales which is even cheaper when it comes to selling them. 

Find a strategy point in a busy area and start your business. You can also decide to sell in a market selling similar goods.

What you need

Business Permit-10,000

Rent and upfront rent- 15,000

Buy stock- 75,000

#16. Fish Farm Business

Fish farming is a profitable business in Kenya that you can start with only 100k. You will need to find ideal land with an adequate fresh water supply and hire a pond constructor. after you are done preparing the pond buy your preferred fish species and buy their feeds. 

You can as well choose to fish from Freshwater lakes like Lake Victoria although it has been overfished, leading to a scarcity of seafood.

The cost of constructing a pond depends on the type of soil and the weather. When choosing your preferred species, keep in mind that Tilapia fish is the best-selling fish in Kenya while Atlantic Salmon is the most profitable.

What you need

A 300 by 300 meters earthen pond- 30,000

Buy fish – 25,000

Buy their feeds- 25,000

Business Permit- 15,000

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