April 23, 2024

Centbee is a business-to-consumer (B2C) financial services company that lets people send and receive money from other countries and uses a digital wallet.

The company started up in 2017 with simple software that makes it easy and cheap for people who don’t have access to traditional financial services to buy essential digital items and send money to loved ones.

Centbee is also a company that has a Bitcoin wallet for sale and therefore customers can use this service to buy Bitcoin, store it, and use it.

Additionally, the Company is a merchant services provider that handles transactions and offers a variety of services and products related to cryptocurrencies.

It is the idea behind a bitcoin cash wallet that aims to make payments easier.

Therefore, Customers can use the company’s digital wallet to send, receive, and store digital currencies. 

The wallet supports peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, merchant payments, and international money transfers.

How it Works

With Centbee, you can quickly and easily buy prepaid data, electricity, airtime, and gaming vouchers in the app, so you can spend your BSV without leaving your couch.

Adding BSV to a Centbee Wallet is an easy and quick process.

Centbee wallet is made to fit into your normal routine, so you can buy things from any of your favorite stores no matter where you are in the world.

According to BuiltWith, Centbee uses 57 of the top 100 most popular website technologies.

Some examples of this are Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatibility, and Scalable Presentation Format.


Lorien Gamaroff

Lorien Gamaroff is the founder and CEO of both Centbee, and Bankymoon, a blockchain, and cryptocurrency consulting firm.

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He helped start the Blockchain Academy, which has classes on everything from blockchain law to programming.

As South Africa’s leading blockchain expert, Lorien has been asked to talk on many occasions about the benefits of blockchain technology and digital currency in developing countries all over the world.

He has spoken in front of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the FBI, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the South African Reserve Bank, TEDx, and many other international banking experts and attorneys general.

Additionally, he also advises the government and business leaders about how blockchain technology might affect them.

Angus Brown

He is a Co-Founder, Board Member, and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Centbee. He is passionate about creating great companies, especially ones that challenge the norms of their industries and give customers real value.

He went to Wellington’s Victoria University and got his degree there. Angus used to work at Frucor Beverages as the Sales Manager for Auckland.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Calvin Ayre

Centbee has raised a total of $1.3 million through three different fundraising rounds.

Two Hop Ventures and Calvin Ayre are the two new investors.

In a Series A funding round, Centbee raised US$1.3 million, which it plans to use to grow its business and improve its product.

nChain is a well-known blockchain consulting, research, and development organization. 

It already owned a part of Centbee, and with the help of entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, founder of Antigua-based investment firm Ayre Ventures, and CoinGeek, the venture has now gotten funding.

Main Competitors

Zeepay: Zeepay is the financial technology company with the fastest growth rate in the world.

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Paystack: With Paystack, merchants can accept payments through their websites or apps using a variety of methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and mobile wallets.

Paymob: Paymob makes it easy for businesses in developing countries to accept digital payments in-store and online.

PayNearby : This is a company that makes and sells online payment systems.

Al Ansari Exchange: It offers services that have to do with money.

Cheq Payments: This is a place where people who want to pay with cryptocurrency can do so.

First Rate Exchange Services: It gives out “white label” foreign currency.


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