April 13, 2024

Energy+ is the exclusive importer, distributor, and reseller of d.light off-grid solar (OGS) products in Mali. Having made its first product sales in March 2019, it has since sold thousands of OGS products on a cash and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis throughout Mali. 

Since its founding in 2017 Energy+ has focused on providing affordable and reliable energy to households.

Energy+ has sold thousands of d.light off-grid solar products in Mali through its easy-to-use pay-as-you-go and cash system.

Solar energy is the energy transmitted by the Sun in the form of light and heat. This energy is virtually inexhaustible on the scale of human time, which is why it is classified as renewable energy. It can be used directly by humans for lighting, heating, and cooking or to produce electricity through photovoltaic panels.

In Mali, 81% of the population does not have access to electricity. Their ambition is to fill this void by providing this population with modern, safe, clean, and economical solutions for lighting and access to basic energy services. 

This will be done by distributing lamps and domestic solar kits through sales, after-sales, and Pay-As-You-Go service.

Energy + benefits from Omnium Mali’s distribution network, which covers the entire territory of Mali with more than 10,000 points of sale. 

The Energy+ sales force will directly manage PAYGO sales to customers, with support from call center teams.

How it Works

d.light X2000

The d.light X2000 is a home solar system that supports multiple devices, such as a 32″ TV and 32″ fan, accessories, cell phones, and bright lights for hours after a single day of charging Each unit comes with a host of innovations – an ultra-bright tube, fully customizable lamp brightness, linkable light bulbs, ultra-efficient accessories like radio and torch, and ambitious household appliances, all powered by a long-lasting, maintenance-free battery with exceptional battery life, capable of operating for years without needing to be replaced. 

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TELE 500 

The TELE 500 is an affordable solar home system that can power 12V devices such as the 19″ TV, USB-powered accessories, cell phones, and bright lights for hours after a single day of charging. 

Each unit comes complete with a host of innovations – an ultra-bright light tube, fully customizable lamp brightness, two linkable bulbs, and optional devices – all powered by an exceptional long-lasting maintenance-free battery, which will stay saturated for years without requiring Plus, the home system supports Paygo.

D100 ( Energy) 

The D100 ( Energy) solar kit is the ideal electrical installation for your home or business, delivered with three lamps. 

You will be able to acquire it gradually via credit payment technology which allows you to pay in several months. 


The d.light SF40 (LAFIA500) rechargeable solar fan keeps you cool during summer days and nights, increasing your ability to be productive and sleep better. 


The d.light S500 solar lamp (Barika) ensures that your mobile phone battery will never be discharged, while intensely illuminating your home or business. 

The unique, angled lens of the S500 diffuses light over a wide angle, which can light up an entire room. 

The S500 (Barika) is a solid and robust model that guarantees that your phone will always be charged.


The d.light S30 ( Baramousso) is a solar lantern designed for the whole family. 

Its unique cone shape reflects light to all four corners of the room. Whether illuminating the interior of your home or lighting your way as you walk at night, the S30 offers a portable and affordable solution. 

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For the hundreds of millions of people living without access to the electricity grid, the d.light A2 ( Yéléni) is the first affordable quality solar lamp, allowing them to reallocate up to 20% of their income to other uses.

 Its compact and versatile design makes it extremely mobile while allowing you to light up an entire room.


Karim Ghammache

karim ghammache

Karim Ghammache is the CEO & Co-Founder of Energy+.

 Karim Ghammache attended McGill University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

VentureBuilder, Cordaid Investment Management, USADF

Energy+ has secured US$1 million in financing from a consortium of international financing partners to help close the electricity gap in the country.

The company has now received more than US$1 million in commitments from a consortium of financing partners.

The funding includes equity and fully funded enterprise development services (EDS) from VentureBuilder, which led the round, debt from Cordaid Investment Management (Cordaid), and grant financing from the United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

The funding will go a long way in ensuring Energy+ can expand its services into remote and underserved regions of Mali.

The company will also channel some of these funds toward digitizing the service catering directly to Energy+ customers.

 Main Competitors

Beebeejump: This is a Nigerian Solar power company.

Zanbur: It is a Solar Energy Electric Subscription Service based in the United States of America.

Durga Energy: This is a manufacturing Company located in India.


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