April 14, 2024
How Much Do You Know about Enet.co.ke Online Solution for E-Business?

How Much Do You Know about Enet.co.ke Online Solution for E-Business?

Enet.co.ke has an esteemed team, walks you through the processes involved to make your business online. How much do you know about E-Business? If you have your business its always a good idea to put it online. This enables companies or individuals to get a secure and reliable online presence for global recognition.

How do you actualize your dream?. While Education is key, with Enet online solutions, you are given information on how having a website to your business or organization can help you create good real additional value.

Whereby they start with the services they offer:

Enet Domains

To get online you will need an address name on the internet there is where the domain comes in. A domain is a reference point or addresses where when client search will be redirected to you and can view your services or products. 

The company is registered under Kenya’s company act and offer TLDs to East Africa countries. ( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda) 

The domain pricing depends on the extension you need as for .co.ke they sell at Ksh 799, while for .com it cost Ksh 1000. 

Enet.co.ke domain prices

Enet Web Hosting

After buying a domain it is a MUST to have a hosting plan since hosting is a service rendered to enable your address to be seen on the web. Most companies offer different prices for hosting and with Enet online solution it isn’t any different. There are four categories in hosting 

Enet.co.ke types of hosting

while you are looking for a hosting plan the price and the features are very important. With Enet solutions their pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Shared hosting
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Enet.co.ke shared hosting plans
  1. Reseller Hosting
Enet.co.ke reseller hosting plans
  1. Dedicated hosting
Enet.co.ke dedicated server pricing

Enet.co.ke SSL( Security Socket Layer)

Website security has become a major issue with current technology. Everyone wants to visit a secured site free from attacks or fraudsters, with this great trend enet have enforced their security by offering two modes of security sockets. 

1 Comodo SSL

These come with 2048-bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption, a Comodo SSL certificate offers the highest possible levels of security for your website & customers.

 comodo pricing

2 Rapid SSL 

Also, RapidSSL Certificate is one of the popular secure certificates in the world. This is a perfect security solution for small and medium-sized businesses, blogs. Nevertheless, personal websites and anyone else looking for pure encryption and make their website fast.

 rapid ssl pricing

Enet.co.ke Contact

They offer just one mode of contacting them through submitting a ticket.

Enet tickets

Enet.co.ke Best Alternatives

whenever you want to choose a hosting company it is always important to check all the available options and the best suited for your website.

And that is what I am trying to give you here at Tech&Butter.com, a place to do all your research and hopefully make better decisions.

Here’s your list (click to read what I think about the company)

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