April 23, 2024

Field Intelligence is a tech company that was founded on the idea that universal healthcare is the foundation on which equality, development, prosperity, and sustainability can be built.

It is a platform for managing the supply chain of pharmaceuticals. Its goal is to help governments and companies provide healthcare in the world’s fastest-growing areas.

They make products and services that give people access to this information in frontier and developing areas, where the fight is the hardest and the effects are the most powerful.

When medications like vaccines, contraceptives, anti-infectives, vital equipment, diagnostics, and long-term care are out of date, too expensive, or not available at the local clinic or pharmacy, providers, patients, and whole communities suffer.

For developing and frontier markets to reach their full potential, health systems must be able to help people who need it. That gets you going because it’s a challenge, an opportunity, and a matter of time.

They are helping to digitize, modernize, improve, and maintain the supply chains that make this access possible, delivering on the promise of healthcare for millions by building long-lasting partnerships with the communities they serve.

How It Works

Shelf Life

Patients in developing countries need drugstores and pharmacies to get treatment, but they face many of the same problems as other small businesses, such as problems with data management, quality control, and not having enough working capital.

Shelf Life is here to help these healthcare organizations continue to be successful. With the help of technology, analytics, capital, and knowledge, they have made the pharmaceutical supply chain a simple, affordable, and effective way for our customers to improve their businesses and the health of the public.

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Shelf Life uses the Field Supply platform to plan, buy, deliver, and manage all subscriptions to Shelf Life products, which is good for all customers.

Shelf Life can improve the quality and efficiency of its services for all of its users by using one of Africa’s largest health supply chain datasets and powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence. This lets Shelf Life make more accurate predictions, plan more thoroughly, and connect with suppliers, retailers, banks, and courier services.

When you sign up for Shelf Life, you can choose from a catalog of more than 750 high-quality goods and let them take care of them for you with a simple monthly subscription. You can focus on giving great care to your patients while we plan, find, count, and send these items directly to your shelves. 

The best part is that you will never pay more than what your pharmacy has sold. When you use Shelf Life, your processes become more efficient, your stock levels go up, and you have more money to use to grow your business. When their skilled Fulfillment Partners come to check on things, they also restock. If you run out of a Shelf Life-tracked product, you can call and get a free replacement the same or the next day.

Field Supply

Field Supply was made with a deep understanding of the problems that healthcare workers in remote areas face as an enterprise-level LMIS.

Field Supply is a new kind of business software that was built from the ground up to help frontline workers. These workers are crucial to the success of public health systems because they provide essential services and collect important data.

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Michael F C Moreland

Michael F C Moreland

Michael F C Moreland is the CEO & Co-founder of Field Intelligence.

He is an entrepreneur who cares a lot about fieldwork and how important health care is for long-term, fair growth.

He has spent an exciting decade building hardware, software, and service-based health technology businesses in Africa. The goal of these businesses is to give more people access to high-quality medical care.

Justin Lorenzon

Justin Lorenzon

Justin Lorenzon Co-founded and leads the tech side of Field, a design, technology, and innovation firm tackling thorny problems in global public health.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Blue Haven Initiative, Newtown Partners via the Imperial Venture Fund, Accion Venture Lab

Shelf Life is a supply chain financing platform for pharmacies in Africa, and it has just secured a $3.6 million Series-A investment round to support its expansion.

Blue Haven Initiative helmed the round, which also included Newtown Partners via its Imperial Venture Fund (which it announced on Monday – read this article) and Accion Venture Lab.

The fresh capital would allow Shelf Life to open new locations in Nigeria and Kenya and provide new services for their customers and their patients.

Over 280 community pharmacies in Nigeria and Kenya are now paying subscribers to the startup’s platform.

Additionally, since its beginning, Shelf Life has ensured customer stock availability of 96%, an increase from the 60% seen before the company’s foundation.

Pharmacists may save between 60 and 82% by using Shelf Life as an alternative to conventional inventory financing.

CrossBoundary acted as a consultant for the transaction using funds from the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Invest program, which was administered by the Southern and East Africa Regional Missions of USAID.

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Main Competitors

InfraPartners Management: At InfraPartners Management, some of the services we offer are financial planning, investment management, and support for family offices.

Brookfield Asset Management: Brookfield Asset Management, which is based in Canada, manages a variety of assets, such as real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure, and private equity.


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