June 22, 2024

FlexClub is a business that sells subscriptions to cars. The company was started in 2019 by Rudolf Vavruch, Marlon Gallardo, and Tinashe Ruzane.

The company’s platform makes it easy to buy, rent, and sell things like ride-hailing cars. It also makes it easy for both business and private members to browse and order a car.

Manufacturers, leasing companies, and rental car companies are all part of the marketplace.

Tens of thousands of people in South Africa and Mexico are members of FlexClub where they rent cars for one month to three years at a time.

Some well-known companies that have recently joined the growing network of retailers are Avis, Europcar, Green Motion, and Bajaj.

Flexclub wants to reach more customers by giving them options to subscribe to vehicles or lease them.

The company connects clients with long-term car rentals through an online marketplace. The business model is based on subscriptions.

FlexClub is trying to become the standard in managing subscriptions.

Members pay a monthly fee to subscribe to cars from a pool of car rental and leasing companies. In exchange, they get a portion of their monthly fees back in cash.

Additionally, FlexClub is the most flexible vehicle subscription platform in Mexico and South Africa.

The Technology Used

According to G2 Stack, FlexClub uses 7 different technologies. This includes HTML5, Google Fonts, and Google Workspace.

On the other hand, BuiltWith suggests that FlexClub is currently using 36 technologies on its website. These technologies include Viewport Meta, iPhone/mobile compatibility, and SPF.

FlexClub’s long-term goal is to become the most popular digital wallet for online leasing and subscriptions of all kinds of assets.

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To do this, they give their members a digital passport for vehicle access, which is the fastest, easiest, and most rewarding way to get a car through the internet.

How it Works

Step 1: Choosing your vehicle

On their vendor market, you can find the perfect car for your needs at any given time.

Step 2: Picking a kilometer range

Set the required number of kilometers per month.

Step 3: Make sure that your account is approved.

You can find out if you qualify by filling out your profile, setting up a delivery location, and paying for our vehicle on their website.

Step 4: Getting your ride

You can either choose to have your new car delivered to your house or picked up at the store.


Tinashe Ruzane

Tinashe Ruzane is not only one of the co-founders of FlexClub but also serves as its CEO.

He has had several jobs at Uber, such as Head of Vehicle Solutions (EMEA), Regional Program Manager for Vehicle Solutions (MEA), and Operations: Business Development (Sub-Saharan Africa).

Marlon Gallardo

Marlon Gallardo is a co-founder of FlexClub.

He went to school at the Jesuit University of ITESO in Guadalajara.

Marlon Gallardo has also worked for Uber in the past as the Senior Manager for LATAM and EMEA.

Rudolf Vavruch

Rudolf Vavruch is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Flexclub. He has worked in the world of online business for more than 15 years.

Rudolf was the brains behind RentMyRide, a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that let owners make money off of their unused cars.

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Before that, he was the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Ekaya, a marketplace for renting out residential or commercial property that gave landlords a unique insurance policy that covered renters and gave potential renters an online profile that verified their income and creditworthiness.

He was the company’s web architect while 8bit, a new company that specialized in managing ads and recommending personalized content, grew quickly in many countries.

Investors & Funding Rounds

CRE Venture Capital, Montegray Capital, Savannah Fund

South African company FlexClub was able to hire more people and enter the Mexican market after getting an initial investment of $1.2 million.

The seed round, which was led by CRE Venture Capital and also included Montegray Capital and Savannah Fund, brought in a total of $1.2 million, which will be used to hire more people and expand into other markets.

Main Competitors

Cluno: This is a service that you pay for every month that lets you rent a car online without having to sign a contract.

Carzuno: It’s a place where car subscriptions can be bought and sold online.

Instacar: This was the first company in Greece to offer car subscriptions only online.

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