June 21, 2024

Gokada started as a bike-hailing service in January 2018 with a small fleet of eight “pilots,” which is what we call our users. As of January 2020, it will be against the law for “Okada” motorcycles to ride on the main roads in Lagos state.

After the ban, Gokada quickly moved into logistics, which he did in March 2020, right before the pandemic. Since then, more than 1200 riders for Gokada have made more than a million deliveries in less than a year.

The Gokada company offers a network service for moving people. The company’s phone app can be used to call for a motorcyclist, which helps people get to and from work.

Fahim Saleh came up with the idea for Gokada. The goal was to make it easier for people in Lagos, Nigeria, to get where they needed to go and to make traffic less of a problem.

How it Works

Gokada is a revolutionary new way for people to get around cities. It’s an app for motorcycles and taxis that can be used on smartphones. 

Motorcycle taxis can be called on demand, and for a reasonable price, riders can go to any part of Lagos. There are no limits on what platforms this software can be used on right now (both Android and iOS).

Gokada is the most successful digital company in Nigeria, which has the largest economy in Africa, and it could grow to become one of the most important businesses on the continent.

Gokada offers many different services, such as quick package delivery, meal delivery, ride-hailing, and more. 

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Gokada’s fast growth and list of well-known local and international VC investors are similar to those of Gojek, Grab, and Pathao, which are more established international competitors.

It’s also a company that gives people in Nigeria access to a motorbike taxi service on demand. The goal is to make logistics and transportation easier for people there.

Additionally, the company’s service lets people in Lagos get around the city or have goods delivered quickly and affordably. It does this by providing a safe and affordable engine for smart mobility, allowing people to get free rides, and helping with the delivery of goods.


Deji Oduntan

Deji Oduntan is a Product Leader and an Entrepreneur. He has been making products for businesses and consumers in a wide range of tech-enabled markets for more than ten years.

Before he started Clickatell, he helped start the ride-hailing company Gokada. During his time as CEO, he made Gokada a household name that changed the way people got around in its first city. 

Before joining Gokada, Deji was the leader of the Customer Experience and Marketplace Trading teams at Jumia, which is the largest e-commerce company in Africa and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has a presence in more than 14 African countries.

Deji got his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Lagos. He then got his MBA from both the IE Business School and the Cornell Johnson School of Business.

Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh is Co-CEO of Gokada and one of the people who started Pathao.

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He helped start Pathao, which is a popular way to get around in Bangladesh and Nepal.

He opened his first business while he was still in high school. The organization made more than $1,000,000 (US) in money.

After college, he taught himself how to code and started KickBack Apps, which has been downloaded more than twenty million times so far.

Fahim was also an active investor in developing economies. His first investment was in Picap, the largest motorbike ride sharing startup in Colombia, which was recently valued at $15 million.

He also started the venture capital firm Adventure Capital in 2018 and was the CEO of the entertainment app company KickBack Apps.

Saleh went to Bentley University and got a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology in 2009.

Awolowo Moses

Awolowo Moses was one of the people who helped start Gokada.

He has built and improved both the operational team and the procedures in the world of ride-hailing on a motorcycle.

He also makes sure that all administrative processes and resources are set up to be as efficient and productive as possible.

He went to the University of Lagos where he was awarded a Master’s in Legal Research.

Ayodeji Adewunmi

Ayodeji Adewunmi is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Kudy Financials. He is also the founder of Jobberman and the founder and advisor of Venture Kinetics.

Ayodeji Adewunmi also had three jobs before Gokada, where he was President and Co-CEO.

He got his education at Harvard Business School’s Executive Education programme.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Rise Capital, Adventure Capital, First MidWest Group, IC Global Partners

The total amount of Series A funding for Gokada is $5,3 million since it needs money to grow its bike taxi business.

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Rise Capital was the main investor in Gokada’s Series A. Adventure Capital, IC Global Partners, and First MidWest Group of Illinois also put money in.

Gokada wants to use the money to add more cars to its fleet and increase the number of rides it offers. It also wants to set up a network to offer its drivers products and services.

Main Competitors

Clockwork Logistics Systems: It makes it easier for data to move from Enterprise systems to the moment of delivery and back again.

Busbud: It was made as a mobile app and platform so that bus riders and companies could talk to each other more easily.

Endlist: The Endlist app is a platform for making and sharing social stories. It streamlines and makes the process easier.


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