June 21, 2024

Guidepost was established in 2012 to help improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes, a condition that affects more than 400 million people globally. Led by a team of medical doctors, scientists, and AI specialists, they are committed to finding solutions to help as many people living with diabetes as possible.

A technology platform that enables highly personalized, data-driven diabetes management at scale, Guidepost allows patients to better manage their illness, and during its six years of operation has achieved a 45 percent reduction in diabetes complications across more than 8,000 patients.

There have been major advances in the treatment of diabetes, including new devices, technology, and advice, but diabetes remains largely a self-care condition. 

To live a healthier life, and to reduce hospitalizations, diabetics need to pay close attention to their diet and lifestyle choices. This, more often than not, requires significant behavior change, which is difficult to achieve without ongoing support.

They strive to lessen this burden, by offering sophisticated, personalized coaching, powered by AI. They also have developed a platform that enables more than 100 clinically trained professional coaches to proactively engage with people living with diabetes, providing unparalleled, personalized support.

Insurers and device makers have recognized the significant benefits of their offering and are providing service to their clients.

With Guidepost, they can help their clients to better manage their diabetes. This keeps them healthier and on treatment, resulting in better outcomes, which ultimately ensures that their partners’ businesses flourish too.

How it Works

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Every diabetes patient is unique and there are thousands of possible combinations of patients, barriers, and necessary interventions to get the best results. To be able to scale to meet the massive demand for personalized coaching, they need expert clinical judgment at the touch of a button.

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Over the years, there have been more than 1.2 million calls placed between coaches and clients. This has amassed a significant and unique data set. 

With the latest advances in machine learning and specifically deep learning, Guidepost is finally at a point where they can support their coaches by helping automate complex judgment that managing diabetes requires. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to scale because their coaches now have the tools at their fingertips to work much faster with less training.


Behavior change is hard and having an expert to guide an individual is the best way to make sustainable lifestyle changes and to keep improving. Guidepost has over 100 clinically trained professional coaches in our network. 

These coaches are clinicians trained in the clinical aspects of diabetes management and the techniques of coaching. They are supported by mentors and have ongoing access to continuous learning through Guidepost College. 

Through a series of individualized teleconsultations diabetics and their dedicated coaches embark on a journey of progressive improvement. 

Their coaches use sophisticated tools, data analytics, and the power of empathy to understand the needs and context of each individual, enabling them to make the right interventions that will help them to live healthier lives.

Additionally, Guidepost doesn’t replace the doctor, they add to their practice and assist them to get better results with their patients. 

Guidepost coaches become a virtual part of the doctor’s practice. Doctors are kept abreast of all coaching actions and the patient’s progress via monthly and ad-hoc reports.


Graham Rowe

Graham Rowe

Graham Rowe is the CEO and the founder at Guidepost.

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David Segal

David Segal

David Segal is a lifelong supporter of the underdog- the consumer in the healthcare ecosystem.

David has experiences in the health space as a clinician, a lecturer, and a health systems advisor to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare funders, and life insurers have provided me with deep insights into the current healthcare system challenges.

Additionally, he has been fortunate to practice in diverse clinical settings from well to poorly resourced, and understand the patient journey and challenges across both environments.

This prompted him to become a co-founder and CMO of Guidepost, a telehealth company, that successfully manages the modifiable risk of people with diabetes by focusing on the most underutilized member of the healthcare team- the patient.

He is also eager to commit the knowledge and skills that he has developed to build new systems where people, products, and partners produce real-world benefits for healthcare consumers and providers by leveraging new technologies, old-fashioned patient-centredness, and good medicine.

Investors & Funding Rounds

AlphaCode Club, Endeavor

Guidepost has received a joint investment from AlphaCode, the fintech investment of Rand Merchant Investment Holdings, and local investment fund Endeavor.

The investment into the innovative telemedicine startup comes at a time when effective digital healthcare solutions for diabetes patients are critical. 

With the undisclosed investment funding, Guidepost will be able to enhance its service to users and provide safe jobs for nurses and dietitians. 

Main Competitors

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