June 19, 2024

HealthDart’s mobile app helps patients easily and affordably access the healthcare and medication they need, through a mix of virtual and physical consults with nurses and doctors supported by fast and affordable delivery of medication directly to a patient’s home or work.

HealthDart is looking to partner with independent pharmacies, nurses, and doctors to grow its health network.

Over 20 million South Africans pay for a portion of their primary health care needs out of pocket – sometimes paying over 50% more to access the right care. 

High direct and indirect costs resulting from high doctor consultation fees, transport costs, and lost productivity due to long queues at health facilities. 

Their office is at 189 Oxford Road, The Zone Lofts II East Offices, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

They proudly serve most of their customers digitally – meaning that they can help you wherever you are. For now, they are only serving Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Healthdart’s solution uses an app to provide a platform where users can place orders for their drugs and have them delivered at less than the cost of the cheapest two-way bus ride (R30 or $1.99) in South African townships. 

Customers can choose to pay using electronic funds transfer before they receive the drugs or at the point of exchange using a card or cash.

One might ask what is so special about providing an avenue for patients to order and have their drugs delivered to them where they choose.

Let me paint a picture. Imagine that you had a cold and got a prescription from a doctor; however, you have to journey to the nearest pharmacy to get the medication because there are no pharmacies close to you. 

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Assuming you had a job and this happened during the week, you would have to take some time off from work to get your prescription. 

If you are fortunate, you could get your boss to give you the time you need. Yet, even with permission, people living in South Africa’s townships have to take long and often stressful journeys without an assurance that they will get the drugs they need.

And this is where Healthdart steps in. The startup does not just deliver drugs to patients; it also facilitates virtual and physical consultations with doctors and nurses. 

Consequently, the startup can provide comprehensive access to primary healthcare services. 

How it Works

Mobile App

HealthDart’s mobile app connects customers in South Africa’s low-income areas with a network of local, independent pharmacies and healthcare providers. It enables customers to get health advice and order medication or health products for doorstep delivery.

Healthdart delivers its solution via an app and yet targets middle-income neighborhoods.

 With less disposable income, this society is less likely to have a smartphone, and I was curious to know how Healthdart intends to reach them.

Health Consultations

They can help you in several ways since they not only have a dedicated Wellness Clinic in Rosebank, Johannesburg; but they also offer remote consultations via audio or video call and/or arrange for a nurse to see you at home or work if needed – anywhere in Johannesburg, South Africa.


You can get started with as little as R50. The price will vary depending on the services that you need. They are also transparent and will always communicate any costs upfront.

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Healthdart’s solution is not novel, and there are startups across Africa that either offer a platform for patients to order drugs or speak with a physician. 

Still, Healthdart provides more than convenience to its customers. 


Njabulo Skhosana

njabulo skhosana

Njabulo Skhosana is the CEO and Founder of HealthDart which is the leading team dedicated to building a future of easy and affordable access to healthcare in South Africa.

Njabulo is a bright young management professional who represents a sense of hope for SA’s leadership talent pool. He has a global perspective and the ability to be locally relevant.

Additionally, he has the right combination of skills and competence, talent and attitude to drive value for whoever works with him. Management and leadership superstar in the making.

Tshwanelo Matsane

Tshwanelo Matsane

He develops digital products for underserved consumers (current form = healthcare).

What he enjoys most about this space is the privilege to “change a consumer’s mind” on how they currently do things to adopt his solution. 

His toolkit for getting that done is Direct involvement in experience design and tech development, Emphasis on Process and repeatable quality and experiences, and Care and attention for the people who touch the customers.

Tshwanelo has worked within the Founders Factory Build program to develop and spin out HealthDart – which is now a standalone startup and raised external funding within a month of spin-out.

He created a Destruction Lab that brings together industry leaders and investors to guide promising early-stage startups on an accelerated roadmap of milestones throughout the program with a focus on artificial intelligence-led startups.

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As an MBA student, he has the privilege of observing how experienced operators analyze the commercial potential of a business and set priorities for early-stage startups that have resource constraints.

In addition, he is consulting with a biotech startup that has developed novel technology for accelerating drug discovery. 

He is also tasked with helping his assigned startup hit its objectives and ultimately achieve a step-change in growth by the end of the program.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Catalyst Fund

Catalyst Fund

Catalyst Fund has revealed the six startups, three of whom operate in Africa, who make up the ninth collection of its Inclusive Fintech program.

The three fintech companies from Africa include Crop2Cash from Nigeria, HealthDart from SA, and Kazi from Kenya.

The other three companies in the collection include Ohm Mobility (India), PocketFin (India), and Verqor (Mexico).

The six companies will join Catalyst Fund’s existing portfolio of 45 companies.

 They will receive catalytic capital, building support from the fund’s manager, BFA Global, and direct connections with investors and partners to help them grow.

To date, the fund has raised more than $ 247 million in follow-up funding.

Main Competitors

Verismo Therapeutics: It develops novel chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) that enhance T-cell-based cellular immunotherapy for cancer.

Doc.ai: This is a digital health company designed for a new generation of medical research.

Mosh: It is a digital healthcare platform.


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