April 14, 2024
Hilda Moraa Bio: Pezesha, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Awards

Who is Hilda Moraa?

Kenyan fintech Pezesha raises $11M backed by Women's World Banking, Cardano  parent IOG | TechCrunch


Hilda Moraa is an award-winning innovator, author, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in Fintech and regulation.

She is the Founder and CEO of Pezesha, a digital financial infrastructure company based in Kenya.

Pezesha provides a peer-to-peer micro-lending marketplace that offers access to affordable financial services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.

Hilda Moraa has a background in technology and entrepreneurship, having previously founded WezaTele, which was acquired in 2015, making it the first African tech startup to be acquired by another business.

And she has been recognized for her leadership and vision, being named one of the 30 Most Promising Young African Entrepreneurs by Forbes.

Hilda Moraa’s work with Pezesha reflects her commitment to empowering African entrepreneurs and addressing financial inclusion challenges in the region.

Some key points about Hilda Moraa and Pezesha include:

  • Hilda is an innovator, author, and meditation/yoga lover.
  • She has been selected as one of the Talemia 50 Founders of 2022, a prestigious honor recognizing her outstanding leadership and vision for Pezesha.
  • Pezesha’s mission is to empower MSMEs with affordable credit, helping these businesses scale to new heights

What does Pezesha do?

MEA Women in Fintech with Hilda Moraa from Kenya | The Fintech Times

Pezesha is a Kenyan financial technology company that provides a digital financial ecosystem for connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to capital.

Their name, “Pezesha,” is a Swahili word that means “financial enabler.”

What Pezesha does:

  • Pezesha has built a platform that connects SMEs with lenders, including banks, microfinance institutions, and other financial institutions.
  • They offer a variety of financial products and services, including working capital loans, trade finance, and supply chain finance.
  • Pezesha also provides embedded finance solutions that allow businesses to integrate financial services directly into their own platforms or applications.
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Pezesha’s mission:

  • Pezesha’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible financial services to underserved SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • They believe that SMEs are the backbone of the African economy, and that by providing them with access to capital, they can help them grow and create jobs.

Pezesha’s impact:

  • Pezesha has helped over 100,000 SMEs access over $1 billion in financing.
  • They have also helped to create over 10,000 jobs.

Here are some of the things that make Pezesha unique:

  • Their focus on SMEs: Pezesha is one of the few fintech companies in Africa that is focused exclusively on serving SMEs.
  • Their use of technology: Pezesha’s platform is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows them to automate many of the tasks involved in lending.
  • Their collaborative approach: Pezesha works with a network of lenders, which allows them to offer a wider range of products and services to SMEs.

If you are an SME in Sub-Saharan Africa looking for access to capital, Pezesha is a great option to consider.

Hilda Moraa Age

Hilda Moraa: A BBIT Graduate Who Sold Her Fourth Year Project Idea and  Startup for $1.7 million

Although her exact age is not explicitly mentioned anywhere, we can deduce that she has been working in the field of Fintech for more than 10 years.

Hilda Moraa was listed as one of the top 30 innovators in Africa in 2018 by Quartz Africa.

Considering her experience and achievements, it is likely that she is in her late 20s or early 30s.

Hilda Moraa Net Worth

Hilda Moraa (@hildamoraa) / X

Hilda Moraa’s net worth is not publicly available.

As a private individual and entrepreneur, her net worth may not be disclosed.

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Hilda Moraa is known for her significant contributions to the Fintech industry and her entrepreneurial ventures, including the founding of Pezesha.

Hilda Moraa Husband

There is no publicly available information about Hilda Moraa’s marital status or her husband.

Hilda Moraa Social Profiles

Hilda Moraa - Empower Africa

Hilda Moraa is active on LinkedIn, where she shares updates about her work and achievements. Some key points about her social media presence include:

  • She shares her professional updates and experiences.
  • She has shared her “royal moment” with King Charles III on her LinkedIn profile.
  • Hilda Moraa’s LinkedIn posts showcase her engagement with various events and initiatives, such as her participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015.

Please note that Hilda Moraa’s social media presence is primarily professional, focusing on her work in the Fintech industry and her role as the Founder and CEO of Pezesha.

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