April 15, 2024

Founded in 2019, the entertainment startup is a social enterprise that focuses on uplifting township communities through music and the professional production of music. 

The startup has been piloting its social enterprise by developing a community-centered music production program that empowers and provides a podium for local music artists to share their talent with the world.

Hitchat Entertainment is also at the forefront of the music entertainment industry in South Africa. 

They empower young people in townships and disadvantaged communities across Africa using entertainment.

They develop talents from these areas into synchronized acts to entertain music fans in these communities using our unique T-pop model. They also embrace the community and believe that everyone deserves to get entertained no matter where they live.

It creates affordable on-the-ground and digital entertainment in emerging markets by finding, developing, and launching acts within a unique T-pop concept.

Its mission is to empower people and create equal opportunities with the most powerful and universal force on earth – music.

It is the leading entertainment company in emerging markets and also the leading entertainment company in townships.

The company has also partnered with Ayoba, MTN, Simply Africa, Music Time, Cold Fever, and Project Playground. It holds regular auditions and initiatives to scout the best talent in communities in South Africa.

Its first phase was held in Philipphi, a township in Western Cape, where it was seeking to find talented young people so that it can help them with elevating their talent or career.

How it Works

Talent Discover

Hitchat arranges auditions in your community. If you can sing, dance, and/or rap the audition is for a chance to become a T-pop star.

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They hold regular auditions and initiatives to scout the best talent in communities in South Africa and this is your chance to shine, to show them your talent, dedication, and passion.

Additionally, they are a one-stop-shop for entertainment since they develop, build, produce, distribute, market, and manage your activities and create entertainment together with 100+ million music fans that are ready to get entertained.

Talent Development

Hitchat provides their acts with professional music industry development.

Local Events

Hitchat arranges community-based events and entertainment to grow community-driven fan bases for their acts.

On top of that, you can perform live in front of audiences at Hitchat events in your local community since they arrange high-quality events close to you.

Music Production

They work with producers and songwriters from all over the world, to produce hits for their artists and their fans.

Additionally, their network of songwriters and producers, produce and write songs for their acts which are performed and distributed in the local community to all the music fans.


T-pop is synchronized acts that entertain music fans in townships using local and relatable sounds and visuals.


They create an environment where you can harness and grow your musical talents into artistry and be mentored by their music industry professionals.

Additionally, you can rehearse with vocal coaches, dance instructors, and music producers – they ensure you have everything you need for the best shot in the entertainment industry.


4IAM consists of Annie, PHX, Doli, Grace, Giselle, and Nokwanda. The six-women powerhouse is re-writing what it means to be a “girl band” in South Africa, with their genre-redefining sound of T-Pop, short for Township Pop.

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The band name 4IAM is an acronym for the 4th Industrial Age Music. The conceptualization of Hitchat’s new genre, T-Pop, comes around a time of a new technological revolution. 

It’s futuristic, innovative, and has music with longevity. 4IAM are the leaders of tomorrow’s generation. 

T-Pop, similar to most progressive music genres, is a fusion of several South African-born sounds.

 Amapiano, Pop, Kwaito‎, House, Hip-Hop, and all the sounds of a rich list of genres that are inseparable from their culture. 

Their first single ‘Legends’ is a culmination of the collaboration between Hitchat and the producers and songwriters T.I Jakke, Karl Ola Kjellholm, BRBN, Tor Eimon, and Gold Fever Records, ensuring only the best in international music production standards, having written and produced music for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee and many more.

T.I Jakke’s recent hit Kings and Queens by Ava Max was No.1 on Billboard’s radio airplay chart.

4IAM’s single ‘Legends’ is available on all digital streaming platforms, and with an accompanying dance video to go along with the release.

 Make sure to follow 4IAM on all Social Media platforms to be a part of their journey to mastering their craft.


Nicole Landgraff

Nicole Landgraff

Nicole Landgraff is the Co-Founder and Board Member of Hitchat. 

She attended Linnaeus University in 2018.

Erik Grönwall

Erik Grönwall

Erik Gronwall is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Hitchat.

Mikael Samuelsson

Mikael Samuelsson is the Co-Founder of Hitchat. 

He has a Ph.D. in business administration from Jönköping International Business School, a Master of business administration from Gothenburg University, and a Bachelor of Business administration from the Mid University of Sweden. 

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Mikael is also an associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics and has managed SSE Business Lab for seven years, started two other business incubators, and has extensive experience in researching/teaching entrepreneurship and also an entrepreneur and the founder and chairman of Global Business labs.

Additionally, Mikael attended Jönköping University in 1998.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Hitchat has secured $225 000 in a Series A funding round from undisclosed international investor partners.

The secured funding will be used towards the launch of new talent that has been scouted out by the HitChat team and further empowering those in disadvantaged communities. 

This is a bold step for the investors as most investments that happen in the start-up sector are primarily technology-based. This should set a precedent that start-ups in other industries or fields are also viable for investment.

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ON AIR all things live: This is a premium streaming service for on-stage entertainment.


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