June 21, 2024
HostAdvice Speaks to David Murimi of TrueHost

This article first appeared in HostAdvice.

From web hosting to cloud servers and domain names, those are the things you can find when you check TrueHost’s website.

Recently, we had a chance to talk to Mr. David Murimi, the CEO of TrueHost. He shared some information about their products and services, and we also discussed the web hosting industry.

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First of all, can you tell us what inspired the founding of TrueHost?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you. We found Truehost to address our problem at the time. We were and still are a software company. We had a couple of Web-based applications that we used to host on behalf of our clients.

Back then, the hosting providers presented us with complex options; we had to host with AWS – which was reliable, hard to use, and very expensive. Some of the other hosting providers were affordable but unreliable; had poor support and downtime, among other issues.

We created Truehost to present a reliable, affordable, but straightforward cloud hosting service to our software clients. Little did we know there was a market gap. So at the close of the year, when we had 5000 subscribers on Truehost, we decided to go big.

Can you tell us more about the locations of your office? How many employees does TrueHost have?

Truehost operates in multiple locations.

  • Middletown, Delaware, US
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Our current team size is around 40 people.

What are the top products and services of your company?

Truehost Cloud top products and services include

  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Managed LiteSpeed (VPS) Cloud Servers
  • Professional Email Hosting
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Can you tell us more about your cloud servers?

Our cloud servers are fast, highly optimized, secure Virtual Servers with a KVM hypervisor. These cloud servers provide the quickest page speeds.

We run on the latest NVMe SSD drives.

We provide cloud servers instantly in multiple locations, including London, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Paris, Montreal, Vint Hill (Virginia), Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Singapore.

Managed cloud servers start from $6.99 per month.

Can you describe the importance of page speed for searchability and user experience?

Page speed is critical to ranking high on Google and user experience. Users expect a page to load within 2 seconds. Anything slower than 2 seconds is terrible. Google uses page speed scores to rank search results. A slow site will not make it to page 1 of search engine results, meaning the website cannot be found.

In a world where email is a must, you decided to offer email hosting. Can you tell us more about this service?

Yes, Emails remain an essential business communication channel. Truehost provides a professional email solution as good as Gmail but at $1.

Customer satisfaction is a significant factor when it comes to web hosting. So how are you handling that part?

Truehost does not only guarantee excellent 24 hours (human) support via multiple channels but also remains in touch with our client base. The close contact with customers has continued to guide changes in our service delivery. We are a customer-obsessed team.

Are there any new products and services you plan to introduce in the next period?

Yes, we are piloting a managed database service; so far, so good, we could roll it out in a few months.

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Truehost is also running a website and online store builder service in beta – OLITT.com. The service currently has more than 10k users and more than 15k shops and sites.

Where do you see TrueHost in the long run?

Where you see AWS right now.

Is there anything else you think our readers need to know?

You do not have to pay a fortune for a reliable cloud service; try Truehost Cloud to confirm.

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