April 14, 2024

What do you know about web hosting or the word Hostking? First Webhosting is a service rendered to an individual or a company in terms of website file storage in a server where the files can be accessed globally from any point.  And a website requires an address so as to be found commonly referred to as a domain name. 

Hostking South Africa offers this service where you transfer your domain to their servers for a good package deal. At Hostking the mission and passion are to provide the most affordable world-class web hosting in South Africa. (derived from name hosting and kingdom)

 Hostking offers many different types of hosting plans and with a great understanding of choosing the right web host for your website. 

The following are things you should know about Hostking that will help you in determining if they are fit for you.

  1. Affordable: hosting with monthly, quarterly, or annual billing.
  2. Approach: Very passionate about customer satisfaction 
  3. Focus: they only offer Linux and Windows
  4. Expertise: Hostking  Focuses on Web hosting Stability and Reliability

Hostking products and services

1 Site Builder

Building a website from scratch is no small feat, but no matter how difficult it may be, for most, it’s not always feasible to have someone else build their website. Web development comes with an understandable price tag that small businesses can’t afford, and the learning curve for professional website creation is too steep to do it yourself.

The Hostking site builder eases your work with a drag and drop editor to make your outstanding website yourself.

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hosting site builder

2 Domain Names

the company offers domain names at affordable prices. Here it the pricelist:

domain pricing

3 Web Hosting 

When it comes to Webhosting they have a lot to offer. 

What is more, is that you do not have to worry when you choose the wrong package. The outstanding characteristic of this company is that you can always upgrade or downgrade at any point when your needs change. The packages are well-thought-out and I am sure you will find one that best suits you.

c-pane hosting on hostking

4 Reseller Hosting

Having good business ideas amongst your friends? There are good deals for you…Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting whereby the account owner (the reseller)  has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. … This means you can host your friends or peer at certain fee and able to use better resources collectively. 

hostking reseller plans

Hostking contacts

There are several ways you can contact Hostking for services such as:

 a)     Live chat – happens to be my favorite because you don’t have to wait long and the solution is instant. Here’s a link to their support page

b)    Email – send email through  [email protected]

c)     Phone call – call them through +27 0878020155. Haven’t used this but I bet they work. If not, let us in the comments below so we can update it.

d)    Ticket submission – found here Ticket Support

Offices: Physical Address: Unit 1 Betterwood Business Park, 155 Vasco Boulevard, Vasco Estate, South Africa

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Hostking South Africa best Alternatives

After going through Hostking you might be asking yourself what if there are other better choices? Don’t worry here at Tech&Butter we make sure you are satisfied with the details by giving you other best alternatives to consider. There are tens of providers itching to take you online. So, for the sake of having options, here is a list of worthy providers you should check out.

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