April 23, 2024
HostPinnacle Kenya

HostPinnacle Kenya

HostPinnacle Kenya is an ICT solution company in Kenya providing solutions to companies in East Africa and growing worldwide. As with any successful company, innovation is key and HostPinnacle has proved itself as a leader in this with numerous innovations to its name and a great contributor to the open-source community. 

When it comes to customer support, HostPinnacle believes that when it comes to customer support is not a privilege but a right they must always enjoy. 

With a good support team if not one of the best teams you will ever find in the web hosting industry. 

HostPinnacle Kenya has risen to become the best and cheapest web hosting company in Kenya with world-class web hosting packages and affordable web design offers.

Apart from that, they offer free lifetime SSL certificate, affordable domain registration in Kenya, and free whois privacy. 

HostPinnacle Products and Services

When it comes to products and services HostPinnacle has a wider range of coverage.

1) Domains

The company is registered as by the communication authority of Kenya and accredited by KENIC to sell domains. They have a relatively good price.

HostPinnacle Kenya dormain pricing

You can check them out for domain name registration in Kenya.

2) Web hosting

This is their core business and has hosted over 20,000 clients they have come up with good plans that fit every client in need bases and are price friendly. here are the plans they offer:

HostPinnacle Kenya web hosting plans

3) Reseller services

They do offer developers and other entrepreneurs relatively good deals and here are the plans for a reseller.

HostPinnacle Kenya reseller plans

4) Servers and VPS hosting: they are currently working to provide the plans for these services.

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HostPinnacle Contact

With a great support team, they offer different types of support. Here is how you contact them:

a)     Live chat – happens to be my favorite because you don’t have to wait long and the solution is instant. Here’s a link to their support page

b)    Email – send email through [email protected]

c)     Phone call – call them through 0717 148 886 / 020 7869 201. They do offer to call you just input your number in their floating phone icon and they will get back to you. 

d)    Contact form – to message them through the form using Contact Form

HostPinnacle Kenya contact form

e) Social Media:
You can contact the company through their social media accounts.
Facebook: HostPinnacle
Twitter: HostPinnacle LLC

HostPinnacle best alternatives

whenever you want to choose a hosting company it is always important to check all the available options and the best suited for your website.

And that is what I am trying to give you here at Tech&Butter.com, a place to do all your research and hopefully make better decisions.

Here’s your list (click to read what I think about the company)

I will be adding others as they come.

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