April 23, 2024
How To Draw A Bear For Kids

Let’s learn how to draw and color a bear. This fun, easy-peasy and well-detailed tutorial teaches kids to draw and color a bear. 

To make it easier, you can print our guide for use during the drawing process.


1. Pencil or marker

2. Paper

3. Colouring supplies

Do you want to learn how to draw a bear? I know I do, so let’s get started!

Let’s draw the bear’s head.

Step 1: First draw the outline of the head and ears as shown in the below diagram.

Step 2: In the ears, draw sharp arcs inside, mimicking the upper ears arc as the inner part of the ears.

Step 3: Draw two circles with black circles inside colored black and white dots at the center as eyes with eyebrows above them, inside the head circle.

Step 4: Draw a rounded triangle as the nose at the center and below the eyes leaving a space for the mouth. Use your marker to color it black.

Step 5: Draw the mouth like a smile with smile lines and an arc to join the center of the nose to the center of the mouth. Draw a tiny arc below the mouth.

Step 6: Draw a circle around the mouth and nose area.

Let’s draw the bear’s body and legs.

Step 7: From the left point where the left ear touches the head, draw a curve and bend it downwards to make the back and the back leg.

Step 8: Draw the short fat tail behind the back leg. 

Step 9: Draw the lower curve to complete the body of the bear, leaving out a gap for one front leg and the back leg.

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Step 10: Draw two back legs and two front legs with paws and claws on the lower side of the body. 

Let’s paint

Step 11: Use a brown color to paint the head, ears, body, legs, and tail of the bear leaving out the inner part of the ear, the eyes, and the circle around the mouth and nose area.

Step 12: Use a light brown color to paint the inner part of the ears and the circle around the mouth and nose area.

Finally, we have a bear drawing!

Most people are afraid of real bears but love to hug a stuffed animal bear. Have you ever seen a real bear?

As they say, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect your drawing. Remember to share your drawing with your family and friends.

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