June 21, 2024
How To Draw A Bee Simple for Children

Bees are insects popular for producing honey. They also help in pollination. Beware, they also sting and it doesn’t feel as small as they appear! 

Let’s learn how to draw a bee. Below is an easy-peasy and well-detailed step-by-step guide to drawing and painting a bee for kids.

To make it easier, you can print our guide for use during the drawing process.

How To Draw A Bee Simple for Children


1. Pencil or black marker

2. Paper

3. Colouring supplies

Let’s draw a bee! 

Video Tutorial: How To Draw A Bee

Let’s draw the bee’s wings.

Step 1: First draw the first wing. Draw the second wing beginning your curve from the middle of the top curve of the first wing as shown below.

Let’s draw the bee’s body and sting.

Step 2: Draw an oval to outline the bee’s body attaching it to the wings as shown below. At the back of the body draw the sting like a spike.

How To Draw A Bee Simple for Children

Let’s draw the bee’s head.

Step 3: Draw arcs on the bee’s body to separate the head and the sting. The circles on the bee’s body are called spiracles.

Let's draw the bee's head.

Step 4: In the head, draw the eyes like two big circles with small circles inside. Below the eyes, draw the mouth of the bee as a big smile with smile lines on both sides. Also, draw the antennae above the bee’s head as shown below.

Let's draw the bee's head.

Let’s paint the bee

Step 5: The main colors to use are yellow, black, and blue. Use yellow color to paint the head leaving out the eyes. 

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Step 6: Still using the yellow color, skip one spiracle from the head and paint the next spiracle, skip another and paint the last one. 

Step 7: Use black color to paint the rest of the body spiracles, the sting, the antennae circles, and the eyes between the big circle and the small circle. 

Step 8: Use the blue color to lightly paint the wings.

Let’s paint the bee

Finally, we have drawn a bee! Easy, right?

Remember practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect your drawing. Also, share your drawing with your family and friends.


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