April 15, 2024
How To Draw Orange Juice, Burger, and Ice Cream

Would you like some orange juice, burger and ice cream? Personally, am in! Let’s learn how to draw food. Below is an easy-peasy and well-detailed step-by-step guide to drawing and painting a glass of orange juice, burger, and ice cream for kids.

To make it easier, you can print our guide for use during the drawing process.


1. Pencil or black marker

2. Paper

3. Colouring supplies

Let’s enjoy some yummy food drawing! 

Video Tutorial: How To Draw Orange Juice, Burger, and Ice Cream

Let’s draw and color the glass of orange juice.

Step 1: First draw the glass, then the level of fluid inside the glass as a wavy line near the brim of the glass. 

Step 2: Draw a straw inserted into the glass to the level of the fluid. Draw some cubes inside the fluid as boxes and diamonds.

Step 3: On the side of the glass, draw an orange slice as a big incomplete circle. Draw another incomplete circle inside the first circle as shown in the diagram. Draw lines from the inner circle to the rim of the glass to complete the orange slice.

Step 4: To paint, use a yellow color to paint the orange slice. 

Step 5: Use orange color to paint the fluid inside the glass to the wavy line level, leaving out the ice cube boxes and diamonds.

Step 6: Use green color to paint the straw.

How To Draw Orange Juice, Burger, and Ice Cream

Let’s draw and color the burger.

Step 1: Draw a semi-circle with the lower line arching a little. 

Step 2: Draw a small curve on the right side of the semi-circle lower arc.

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Step 3: Draw an irregularly wavy curve below the semi-circle lower arc.

Step 4: Draw the lower burger bread as a curve continuing the upper semi-circle upper curve.

Step 5: Draw a small curve below the left side of the wavy curve.

Step 6: Color the upper and the lower burger pieces of bread using brown color. Draw black spots on the upper bread using your marker or black color.

Step 7: Color the wavy burger vegetable using green color.

Step 8: Color the remaining parts using yellow color.

Let's draw and color the burger.

Let’s draw and color the ice cream.

Step 1: Draw a cone to represent the ice cream cone.

Step 2: Draw the upper spiral part of the ice cream as shown in the diagram below.

Step 3: At the top part of the ice cone, draw a wavy line to represent the melted ice cream.

Step 4: Draw a straight line below the wavy line and cross lines below it as shown in the diagram.

Step 5: Color the ice cream at the top of the cone using yellow color.

Step 6: Color the melted ice cream using purple color.

Step 7: Paint the ice cone using brown color as shown below.

Let's draw and color the ice cream.

Finally, we have drawn some yummy food with a glass of orange juice, a burger, and ice cream! I hope you enjoyed drawing and coloring. Can you remember the different colors we used to color?

Remember practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect your drawing. Also, share your drawing with your family and friends.


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