April 14, 2024

Founded in 2020 by medical doctors Chad Marthinussen and Wade Palmer, and chartered accountant Abdul Malick Salie, iNNOHEALTH’s focus is on providing solutions for quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare to everyone on the African continent.

The health tech disruptor aims to provide solutions for quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare to everyone in Africa, to pioneer innovations that address healthcare inaccessibility and inequality, and provide comfort and empowerment to users by increasing access through preventative care. 

InnoHealth Technology Solutions is a company focused on providing healthcare solutions by leveraging technology and our intimate knowledge of their healthcare industry to overcome barriers to accessing healthcare services from a location, resource, and financial point of view.

Their objective at InnoHealth is to provide quality, affordable, and equitable overall wellness to all South Africans and the greater continent of Africa.

The health tech startup also aims to provide quality, cheap, and equitable healthcare to everyone in Africa, pioneer ideas that address healthcare inaccessibility and inequality, and give users comfort and empowerment by increasing access through preventative care. 

MyPocketHealth is a digital marketplace powered by artificial intelligence that provides healthcare solutions to patients regardless of their location or physical access to medical interventions.

Since starting, the InnoHealth team has made massive strides within the health tech space with their innovations, the latest being the ​​MyPocketHealth app launching later this year countrywide.

How it Works

The African population has exhibited a strong propensity for embracing a range of technologies that significantly enhance their daily lives, such as mobile payment systems and ride-hailing applications. 

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This growing trend is indicative of a tech-savvy and adaptable populace, and when the value proposition is demonstrated, the adoption of new technologies is swift. 

This is equally evident in the healthcare sector. Their Innohealth solution can enhance healthcare service and product formation by analyzing large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, predicting outcomes, and personalizing treatments for patients based on their unique characteristics.

The startup’s first product is the doctor-led app MyPocketHealth, an integrated patient healthcare platform that will provide comprehensive AI-driven digital healthcare solutions for all South Africans. 

African Healthcare Optimization

Their models are being used to automate and optimize the analysis of medical images, improve the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, enable remote monitoring of patients, and enhance the development of personalized treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.

Product Enhancement

By leveraging their solution, they can improve the performance of healthcare products spanning from diagnostic equipment, virtual consultation tools, and insurance products to lab diagnostics and healthcare marketing services.

Product Development

The distinctive and untainted data they acquire provides them with a competitive edge to ideate and manufacture tailored products for the African healthcare sector, aligning with their mission to develop impactful solutions that address major healthcare challenges in Africa.

African Healthcare Innovation

The collection and analysis of healthcare data from Africa are crucial in establishing a favorable product market fit. 

The development and improvement of healthcare solutions tailored to the African context are pivotal in facilitating significant and extensive healthcare access across the continent.

Innovation in the African healthcare space is critical to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the continent. 

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With limited resources and infrastructure, innovative solutions can improve access to quality healthcare, reduce costs, and enhance health outcomes.

Policymakers, healthcare professionals, and innovators need to collaborate and develop sustainable solutions that meet the needs of African communities.

First World Healthcare Solutions

The integration of AI, machine learning, data science, and clinical expertise can expedite the provision of affordable, fair, and high-quality healthcare. 

These technologies can optimize clinical decision-making, enhance disease diagnosis and management, streamline administrative processes, and empower patients to take an active role in their care. The result is a more efficient and equitable healthcare system.


Chad Marthinussen

chad marthinussen

Dr. Chad Mathinussen is the co-founder at Innohealth, a medical doctor and entrepreneur with notable experience in healthcare technology and product design.

He has spoken at numerous healthcare technology conferences and is considered one of the most disruptive healthcare thinkers in the African healthcare sector.

Having embarked on multiple successful ventures in the healthcare space, he now heads up Innohealth Technologies and its subsidiaries. 

A company that uses AI, Machine learning, and data science to provide Africa with healthcare solutions that will see all of its people have quality, effective, and efficient healthcare. 

Abdul Malick Salie

Abdul Malick Salie

Abdul Malick Salie is one of the founders at Innohealth and a chartered accountant with over 21 years of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, capital raising, strategy, commercialization, and business turnaround.

He holds directorships in listed and unlisted companies and has previously served as the Chief Investment Officer of a diversified listed investment company, where he successfully listed two segments separately to raise capital for further growth.

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Additionally, he has worked for multinational groups such as Vodacom and the Naspers Group and has built various profitable businesses in his private capacity.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Innohealth has secured a seven-figure seed investment from an unnamed Hong Kong-based VC for its AI-based healthcare platform it hopes will position it at the forefront of digital healthcare in the country. 

The investment will go to expanding the startup’s doctor-led app, MyPocketHealth, launching later this year for the national user base. 

The initial minority stake VC funding, which comes from a Hong Kong-based firm that at this point prefers not to be named, will allow the founders to scale the product for a national user base, and utilize AI functionality for the delivery of crucial primary healthcare services and products. 

Main Competitors

Pera Labs: It develops digiceuticals and AI-powered solutions for fertility.

Percepta: This company uses proprietary AI technology to analyze existing security camera feeds, and alert employees of shoplifting incidents.

Tendo: It allows you to reimagine what’s possible in healthcare.


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