April 23, 2024

Jirogasy and its solar kits made in Madagascar were born at the end of 2017 from the desire of the Kasay brothers to create a production unit in charge of manufacturing solar kits and connected objects on site in Madagascar. Jirogasy is the first company with a production line and a design office that locally produces solar generators in Madagascar.

The company is selling these computers mainly to schools and medical clinics, but it is also targeting public administrations, SMEs, and the general public. Very innovative, and very new, with Jirogasy looking to build a market-leading position. And for that, it is fundraising again.

This is the first company to manufacture connected objects and solar kits made in Madagascar for e-health and e-education, but also one of the first African initiatives to go beyond the assembly of components in the solar and electronic sector by designing its parts. 

The startup has created its solar computer, the Jirodesk, which it deploys through a network of partners in health clinics and schools in non-electrified areas.

Thus, the start-up’s flagship product, Jirodesk, is a solar generator with an integrated mini PC, all manufactured locally.

Another product offered by Jirogasy is the Jirodesk II. It is a 100% local solar computer developed by a team of Malagasy engineers to strengthen access to digital educational tools for children in Madagascar and the rest of Africa. 

Thus, the Jirodesk is deployed through a network of partners in health centers and schools in non-electrified areas. Finally, in addition to its computers, the start-up offers a range of solar generators of various sizes and power.

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How it Works


JIROGASY provides the technical part of this project. The computers at the center of the device are powered by photovoltaic panels. 

Where current equipment only works 3 to 4 hours a day, the solution of the Malagasy start-up, whose solar kits are 100% vita Malagasy, allows autonomy of 8 hours which offers optimal working conditions.

The Jirodesks are deployed to contain the EducMad media library which hosts more than 5000 digital educational documents, including illustrations, animations, or examples of practical work. 

These documents will train students and teachers in scientific fields so that they can provide Madagascar with the skills that the country lacks.


French association active for 15 years in Madagascar. Since its creation, ACCESMAD has acted for the development of scientific and technical education in Madagascar within the framework of the EDUCMAD program (EDUCation in Madagascar).

Its mission is to train teachers in the use of the media library, as well as students capable, over time, of exercising professions that the country badly needs: engineers, technicians, computer scientists, researchers, etc.

In this context, Jirogasy intervened alongside Accesmad to provide it with around fifty solar-powered computers located in 4 high schools and 4 suitcases to power around a hundred digital tablets.


OSI EAST (Water Agriculture and Health in Tropical Environment) has been present in 7 countries in Africa and SouthEast Asia: Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Mali, Madagascar, and Vietnam. 

Its headquarters are located in Paris. EAST is a field-partner structure of rural or urban municipalities – which improves the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations and school children; by providing them with access to drinking water, notions of public hygiene, sanitary facilities, and sanitation. She also has extensive experience in IEC. And, more recently, the OSI has developed access to energy, in particular solar energy.

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Due to permanent problems in the Health Centers (CS), the OSI EAST medical association, in charge of drinking water supply and sanitation programs in Antsirabe, was contacted by the Regional Directorate of Public Health. 

Jirogasy’s work at the Maison de Claire and Jeanne d’Ambohijanaka consisted of the creation and installation of a solar-powered computer room equipped with 6 computers. 

These 6 computers will be used for the improved training of the young people present in this center. Indeed, Jirogasy computers being equipped with classic office automation tools will allow learners to familiarize themselves both with the use of a computer and with computerized accounting and writing tools; tools that will serve them whatever path they commit to taking in the future.


Yann Kasay

Yann Kasay

Yann KASAY is the Founder at Jirogasy. Yann KASAY attended Paris-Sud University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Jua Fund

Jua Fund

Malagasy startup Jirogasy has joined the Seedstar and Shell Foundation’s acceleration program. This is an opportunity for the socially and ecologically committed solar startup to open a fundraising round. 

Funding for this second version of the solar computer and its optimization was made possible by the September 2020 call for projects from the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund, funded by the British government’s development agency UK Aid and the IKEA Foundation. 

The fund awarded more than €3.4 million to 20 organizations developing solar technologies for use in developing countries.

Armed with this funding, the startup was able to finalize its prototype of Jirodesk II in February 2021. By enriching its range of solar products, Jirogasy was also able to reach a new audience, especially English-speaking. Thus, the company participated from March 1 to 5 in the Jua Kickstarter Olympics of the Zimbabwean industrialist Adam Molai.

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Chosen among 700 candidate projects, Jirogasy is one of 6 finalists in the competition eligible for 1.7 million euros of investment.

Beyond these sums, the winners will be able to benefit from the support of the Jua Fund and its partners, such as the SME department of Afreximbank.

In the immediate aftermath of the Jua Kickstarter competition, Jirogasy has just been accepted into the Investment Readiness Program of the Shell Foundation and the incubator Seedstars. 

This program takes place over 3 months with classes, mentoring, networking, and an investor roadshow. 

Specifically dedicated to sustainable, replicable, and innovative projects in energy, agriculture, and mobility in Africa, this program will be able to support Jirogasy’s search for capital. 

Main Competitors

Solsquare: It develops and integrates solar power systems for homeowners and commercial and industrial clients in Southern Africa.

Urbio: They manufacture and supply photovoltaic, solar systems and wind systems to reduce electricity and gas bills.

Aschoff Solar: It manufactures and sells solar pumps, solar system solutions, and solar water heaters.


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