April 14, 2024

Launched in October 2020, Jumuisha allows churches to receive donations via USSD, bank transfer, mobile money, online payment, or credit cards, and also make payments to contractors, suppliers, and employees. 

The platform brings inward and outward financial transactions together, providing a real-time overview and generating financial reports.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the closure of churches and other places of worship that was enforced for a major part of the year.

Upon the proposed reopening, the government proposed regulations to only allow for a percentage of each church’s seating capacity to attend in-person worship services.

This was capped with a host of information to be collected from members to facilitate contact tracing. This included biodata, and body temperature among others for all attending members.

This posed a challenge where it would be impossible for churches to coordinate who to attend and who not.

Given the importance of religious worship to Kenyans, and their programming ability, they developed a USSD, web, and Smartphone based church booking platform that allowed church members to book the limited available seats at their places of worship, which are labeled and for churches and places of worship to access the booking manifests and seamlessly coordinate member seating and attendance.

It was quickly taken up and since inception, they have served 132 churches on a subscription basis where each church pays an onboarding fee starting from $150 and a monthly fee starting from $50 based on our terms and conditions.

They have historically reached over 150,000 registered church attendees processing over 70,000 weekly bookings.

Based on the success of the booking platform, they incorporated Jumuisha Limited in Kenya as a fintech company and developed a collections and payments platform allowing these members to make payments via the mobile and web-based channels to churches for their donations and for churches to access and view real-time transaction data and reports for inbound donations while allowing for outbound payments to suppliers and other parties.

This service has been extended to NGOs to facilitate cashless inbound and outbound transactions.

How it Works

Donations, Pledges & Collections

They built Jumuisha to be mobile first to take advantage of the tool we have with us most of the time. Your members will enjoy simplicity and elegance.

Jumuisha offers members up to four different ways of giving. From USSD, text-to-give, app to web portal all different types of channels are covered. 

This ensures no one feels left out, even those without smartphones.

Churches have various modes of giving and displaying pay bills and till numbers give the impression of a shop. With Jumuisha members do not have to wait for announcements or displays of pay bill numbers. 

At any time they can give and save you the blushes of appearing like a shop.

Jumuisha saves your members the need to remember any pay bill or till numbers. 

Whenever they feel the need to give, they give into your account without keyring in any account number

Jumuisha helps to categorize your contributions much easier. 

You do not have to give your members multiple bank accounts to separate tithes or offerings.

 At the point of giving we immediately categorize for you.

Get real-time and instant reports with smart analytics to ensure you are making informed decisions.

Your financial monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are made easier with Jumuisha.

The elegance of app giving is in its simplicity. With a tap of a button, members can give in seconds to your account.

They can also schedule automated recurring contributions and view giving history. 

If you have an existing app you can embed Jumuisha’s giving form or take advantage of our API.

Embed the Jumuisha Giving form to your website or consume our secure Jumuisha giving APIs to save you the hassle of redirecting them to a 3rd party website. 

Your members will love online giving on computer screens or phones as it will be optimized for both.

USSD giving is hands down the broadest and most common channel of giving. 

It works on every type of phone whether smart or non smartphone. Your members only need to dial a unique church code and follow the simple steps to give.

Church Events and Facility bookings

Jumuisha is a flexible Event Booking platform that makes virtual, onsite, and hybrid events with powerful attendee engagement tools that delivers the best registration experience for your attendees.

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Jumuisha is an all-in-one event website. It helps with event registration, promotions, and ticketing tools. 

It provides services that help event organizers to get in touch with a large number of people.

Each event is unique and Jumuisha knows this therefore we give you the flexibility you need to collect the data that is right for you.

Jumuisha brings together everything that’s required to handle the scheduling of any space, large or small. provides a booking platform with a strong focus on performance, reliability, security, integrations, and support by reducing administration with self-service bookings.

Jumuisha provides the simplest and most effective way to track church attendance. 

Church metrics help you see real-time statistics about your congregation and church operations, including attendance, events payments made, and events sign up for.

Ways to predict daily attendance are packed into one easy-to-use and highly secure platform based on historically analyzed data.

Jumuisha provides a robust church calendar experience that has all you need to coordinate and schedule church events and activities from anywhere. 

The church calendar is a communications hub and you can quickly and easily update and share with your members and staff when events are rapidly changing week-to-week.

There are no contracts, no setup fees, no monthly fees, no PCI or security fees, no deposit or transfer fees, and no hidden fees of any kind.

You can create an unlimited amount of events and have as many people as you’d like to register. 

There are no limitations. Jumuisha Events can be used for events such as VBS, summer camp, ministry training, workshops, conferences, marriage seminars, VIP dinners, mission send-offs, and much more.

Custom fields can be created at the event level as well as the attendee/registrant level. 

You can create fields to collect information about things like gender, locations, and church location/campus. 

Additionally, Jumuisha Events allows you to print a full list of attendees. 

You can also have attendees scan their QR codes from their receipts – making check-in extremely simple and fast for everyone.

Church and NGO Payments

Jumuisha enables you to make outbound transactions to pay suppliers, contractors, or wage workers from your account while keeping accurate records of these expenses. 

This sensitive process is secured with a maker-checker process built upon a robust and industry-standard API(OAuth2 authorization protocol) and 2 Factor authentication.

Use the platform as an integrated Banking as a Service solution to improve payment acceptance, automate multi-channel outbound payments, decrease fraud, and improve financial control and reconciliation.

Invoices are captured, processed, and posted before they are sent for payment.

It also provides ways of approving every payment to ensure no processing errors and to avoid over or underpayments. 

This also gives you another opportunity to try to catch possible fraud.

Jumuisha Reports page lets you view your usage costs at a glance and discover and analyze trends. 

The Reports page displays a chart that plots usage costs for all projects linked to a Church account. 

To help you view the cost trends that are important to you, you can select a date range, specify a time range, configure the chart filters, and group by project.

Jumuisha helps to create a view of the church’s overall current financial position and projects future estimations regarding financial details such as All revenue data and All expense and cost information.

Jumuisha facilitates monitoring all of your church charges in one place.

It also enables you to track your actual amount spent against your planned spend. 

Budget alert emails help you stay informed about how your spending is tracking against your budget. 

You can also use Jumuisha to automate cost-control responses.

Their client portal provides the ability to manage your funds in one easy place. 

You receive a single statement, regardless of how many banks are holding your funds. 

This takes the work out of managing tens or even hundreds of banking relationships. 

Once it’s time to put your money to use in your community, just move the funds back to your regular bank.

Jumuisha has established policies regulating user account systems, user authentication practices, log-in procedures, physical security requirements, and remote access mechanisms to limit access to files to only authorized users.

Expect great quality when creating PDF files online using our online converter. 

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All the data in their original spreadsheet will be included in the PDF, including the page layout, colors, and other document properties.

Jumuisha allows you to easily sync your church information with QuickBooks Online.

This will save you time transferring information, and ensure your church’s financial records are precise.


Create personalized, automated emails and church text messages to follow up with first-time guests, lead people to read the Bible, join a small group, or participate in a capital campaign.

Jumuisha Bulk SMS offers an easy SMS gateway platform and easy and free bulk SMS API for sending text messages over mobile networks.

Cheapest Bulk SMS messaging application that lets you create and send effective bulk sms text messages worldwide easily online at competitively low fees per BULK SMS message. Use our cheapest Bulk SMS gateway to connect.

Jumuisha Email helps you manage your mailbox overloaded with unread and unwanted emails more efficiently while keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy. Clean up emails with our email inbox cleaner app.

Jumuisha Push Notifications service enables you to send and manage mobile and web push notifications using an intuitive user interface, client SDKs and simple REST APIs to configure, monitor and send notifications.

Alerts1 sends up-to-date account information directly to you via convenient push, SMS/text message, and email notifications. 

You can tailor your alert selection so that you have details about your account and banking activity at your fingertips.

Most people prefer texting and email over phone calls. 

With Jumuisha Messaging, you can connect with first-time guests and church members in the way they prefer.

First impressions are important. Jumuisha Messaging allows you to touch base with first-time guests, encourage return visits and further involvement, and ensure no one goes unnoticed when using automated campaigns

Don’t worry about your announcements falling on deaf ears. Since texts are read within three minutes, you can create awareness for any message or event.

Jumuisha Messaging offers big opportunities at a small cost. Get access to unlimited email and text messages (SMS) credits for as low as Ksh 0.8 per sms.

Jumuisha genuinely cares about your church’s success, which is why we have dedicated Experience Specialists to serve you.

Jumuisha Websites and Apps

Create your church website in minutes using Jumuisha. It’s the best church website builder you can use – perfect for beginners or expert web designers on any budget.

Take advantage of our powerful blogging tools to share your story, post-church news, or announce events. 

Categorize, share, and schedule your posts to make your content work for you.

Integrate YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, SoundCloud, or other third-party video and audio services Provide full sermons, podcasts, and other media archives so people can go back and listen again and again.

Each church has its database to ensure that churches can only access their data. 

Their servers are only used to host Church clients and the server space is not shared by any other church.

Jumuisha provides free online storage that will allow you to store your data online, share photos and videos, or listen to your favorite music.

They are there to help you sort the bad from the good with their list of some of the best free cloud storage plans on the market today.

Create a personalized profile on the Jumuisha website to tailor their experience with your web content.

The Jumuisha church app platform was created to help you engage with the community you’ve worked so hard to build and serve.

Enable members to take interactive sermon notes, listen to messages on the go, access small group material, check the prayer list, engage with your real-time church newsfeed, donate, and much more. Creating a church app has never been easier.

Tailor your church app to match the unique brand and style you have built. 

From simply adding your logo and colors, to customizing the home screen, menu options, features, and much more. 

The church app allows you to communicate who you are as a church.

Jumuisha Church App allows users and admins to create personalized profiles with a profile image, and contact information, and view giving history, which will personalize your connection with your church community.

Make your content easy to discover and interact with by pulling your content into a single newsfeed, making it easy to discover and more intuitive to interact with.

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Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and (coming soon) Instagram Highlight events and gatherings to encourage participation and Show your latest sermon.

They work with you from the very beginning to build an app that you love and cannot wait to tell people about, instead of simply providing technology and expecting you to figure it out.

Your time is precious so they build apps that work with your existing media, content, and web services while reducing duplication. That way your administrative duties do not increase.

Use the church app to make it simple for users to read the bible and take notes, submit prayers, and show support to keep the body of believers connected.

Give members and guests the ability to easily engage with your sermons, podcasts, and videos while on the go via the church app native media player.

Send push notifications with weekly scripture readings, encourage giving, remind members about important events, celebrate baptisms, encourage volunteerism, and much more.

Giving is a spiritual discipline, but it should not take forever. With Jumuisha Giving members can give in seconds with two taps.

Church Management System

Jumuisha Church Management System helps you engage and grow your community, streamline administrative tasks, and equip your team to steward the resources God has entrusted you with.

Get all of our existing and future features out of the box. No need to pay more for additional features or more users.

They only charge for active adults. No setup or termination fees, and no lock-in contracts.

When you sign up for a great product, you expect to get great customer service. 

This is why they have dedicated Customer Experience Specialists to serve you.

Privacy and security of data are vital, especially when it comes to storing personal data.

Jumuisha ChMS grows with your church at no additional cost. It includes powerful customization to allow any church of any size to use it effectively.

They are constantly making improvements and adding features to help make your church life better.


Marvin Makau

Marvin Makau

Marvin Makau has two current jobs as Co-founder and Director at Jumuisha and co-founder and Director at Usalama Tech Group.

James Chege

James Chege

James Chege has two current jobs as Cofounder and Director at Usalama Tech Group and Co-founder at Jumuisha.

Investors & Funding Rounds

SprintX Venture Studio

SprintX Venture Studio

Jumuisha has raised a round of seed funding to help it scale.

Jumuisha now has 138 churches, with over 250,000 members combined, using its solution, and has seen over 500,000 bookings and more than 100,000 financial transactions take place via its platform.

The company had raised a round of seed funding to help it expand even further.

The undisclosed amount of capital came from SprintX Venture Studio, based out of Austin, United States (US). 

Owned by 3 pm Ventures, Sprint will also provide Jumuisha with business strategy, marketing, and technology expertise to help it grow.

The seed funding will help them to accelerate product development through key hires and strengthen the sales team. 

The product so far has been developed by the founding team and the sales too are done by them.

With the new funding, they will hire additional resources to address demand and accelerate their growth.

Kenya has over 4,000 registered churches, with Jumuisha aiming to be the key fintech solution for these churches to help them to manage donations, payments, and events. 

Their product will continue to evolve in empowering churches to leverage technology in serving their members and community at large.

NGO operations are very similar to Churches. Jumuisha is gaining the attention of NGOs and we will be customizing their products to address their needs to receive donations and manage payments.

Main Competitors

PrimeXBT: This is a Bitcoin-based trading platform that offers access to over 50+ synthetic contracts including Crypto.

MidChains: It is an upcoming regulated digital asset exchange and custodian.

Fintel Labs: This is a fintech startup that has built an AI-powered cloud that enables financial institutions to deliver AI-based solutions.


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