April 23, 2024

Formed in January 2018 when co-founders Nebras Jemel, Anis Kallel, and Rostom Bouazizi put their studies in the United States – at Harvard University, University of Rochester, and Columbia University respectively – on hold to come back to Tunisia and build a fin-tech startup, Kaoun is building a pipeline for financial inclusion, Disrupt Africa reports.

Kaoun helps people across Tunisia open a bank account using eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) technology that can be operated on a smartphone. 

The process authenticates a customer’s national ID card and uses facial recognition to confirm their identity – something that would otherwise have to be done in person at a bank.

The company’s first product is Flouci, an application that helps users create bank accounts, facilitating the process through an innovative Know Your Customer (KYC) system via smartphone. 

The Flouci onboarding process can authenticate the customer’s national ID and uses facial recognition to confirm their identity before accessing the service.

Flouci wallets are then linked to the bank account and used to carry out their essential financial activities, such as paying merchants or making domestic remittances, by phone number or by scanning a QR code. 

The platform also enables users to create electronic signatures to digitally sign official documents and access a range of governmental services.

Flouci aims to be a fully interoperable interbank network that ensures instant transfers. It uses distributed ledger technology to guarantee a cheaper, more secure, and more reliable service. 

Flouci makes money from its partner banks, which pay for identification services and payment infrastructure on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. App users pay a small percentage fee for P2P transfers and merchant payments, and a flat fee for bill payments.

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How it Works

Flouci Business

Flouci Business is the twin app of the regular Flouci app, dedicated to businesses that want to monitor their daily transactions and revenues.

The application offers different insights into the store’s customers and finances through a comprehensive dashboard and summary reports.

Merchants can have their unique QR code used for easy instant payments, issue and keep track of their invoices through the business portal, and have access to useful insights about their finances and customers.

Additionally, users can open a bank account and submit their e-signature through the Flouci app, send and receive money from other Flouci users, within seconds, and seamlessly pay our partner merchants by scanning the QR code with the app.


Botkeji is designed to automate processes within the bank and ensure real-time access to different banking services. 

They provide custom solutions for full integration with any popular banking software. 

Their competent engineering team sees through and ensures full integration with the bank’s internal software.

Botkeji automates tedious and repetitive back-office tasks to reduce delays and customer frustration.

It can increase the bank’s overall efficiency by allowing it to focus on building relationships with its high-value clients.

It also bridges Kaoun Blockchain Network and the traditional bank servers to allow real-time transfers to and from flouci wallets and fully integrates with banks’ software such as Delta and Temenos, as well as other software systems.


Nebras Jemel

Nebras Jemel

Nebras Jemel is the Co-founder and CEO at Kaoun.

Anis Kallel

Anis Kallel

Anis Kallel is the co-founder at Kaoun and he attended the University of Rochester.

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Born and raised in Tunisia, North Africa, he left for the U.S. for college at the age of 19 and attended the University of Rochester on a full scholarship, and studied Computer Science and Business. 

During these 4 years, he had the opportunity to do research on Human-Computer Interaction, and intern at Electronic Arts (E.A) and Microsoft.

Having developed an interest and a passion for emerging markets, he took a job with the Swiss investment group Seedstars as their associate for Africa. 

There, he got the opportunity to travel to 16 African countries to identify the best and most investable early-stage startups and worked with corporates, governments, and startups on growing the entrepreneurship ecosystems, sharing success stories and opportunities, and attracting further investment in the region.

This tour furthered his belief that Tunisia has a lot more to offer to the world, and encouraged him to move back home in 2018 as the Co-Founder of Kaoun working on identification, Payments, and Credit.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Launch Africa, Musha Ventures

Three enterprises from Kenya, two from Nigeria, and one each from Madagascar and Zimbabwe are the recipients of the inaugural $2-million Jua Fund, the largest African venture capital fund by a private individual.

Bryt-Knowledge (Zimbabwe), GrowAgric (Kenya), Jirogasy (Madagascar), Powerstove Energy (Nigeria), Side (Kenya), Whispa Health (Nigeria), and Xetova (Kenya) all agreed to deals with the fund during which they pitched their ideas to a high-profile panel of judges.

The final deal closure and disbursement will be contingent on the enterprises passing due diligence and other agreed terms and conditions.

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The fund will not only provide equity to the enterprises but also mentorship and advisory support as well as put them in touch with other investors.

Main Competitors

PLLAY Labs: This is an AI-driven video game mobile wagering app creating the most exciting competitive gaming entertainment.

Perpay: It is an all-in-one FinTech app providing underserved consumers with an easy way to make purchases, pay over time, & build credit.

MovoCash: This is a financial services company that specializes in P2P Payments, Mobile Banking, Fintech, and Finserv.


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