April 23, 2024
Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts

In this article, I will walk you through Kenya Web Experts bio, products, and pricing. Towards the end, there is a surprise waiting for you, are you ready?

Let’s get started.

One thing that is clear is that the web hosting industry in Kenya has so competitive. But despite all these, Kenya Website Experts continue to shine.


That is what we are trying to find out.

Kenya Web Experts owes its existence to only one goal, and that is to help you grow your business online.

Have they been able to achieve that?

Well, chill because we are about to find out.

As far as I know, they brand themselves as Kenya’s No. 1 web hosting company. That may or may not be true, it’s entirely up to you. Among many other things they are well known for, the tops ones are:

  • High value
  • Low-cost services and products that include websites and domain names.

Comments about their team:

It’s hard to say, but they come out as highly competent individuals with substantial experience.

That should come in handy considering that Kenya Website Experts deals with over 40K clients spanning over 50 countries.

And it’s not only entrepreneurs, but they also have companies, big organizations, and government entities hosting with them.

Can Kenya Web Experts be trusted?

Good question.

All I can tell you is that the company is legally registered and licensed by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) and Communication Authority of Kenya.

This gives them the mandate to register and administer internet domain names. So, yes, you should be okay with them.

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Kenya Web Experts Products/Services and Pricing

Kenya Web Experts services

Not to waste your time, I will list their services:


Includes domain name registration in Kenya, renewals, transfer, and reseller. The price of domains varies depending on the registrar and of course the extension. 

Kenya Website Experts domains pricing

For example, .co.ke goes for KES 969 while .africa goes for KES 1899

For example;

You can register a domain like https://smarttv.co.ke/ AND start blogging.


They have the following hosting plans

Kenya Web Experts hosting
  • Basic web hosting starting from KES 2100 per year to KES 14100/year
  • Business web hosting – perfect for business entity starting from KES 5100 – KES 25100. Learn more here.
  • Cloud hosting – the cloud is the new technology in hosting business. Fast and secure. Pricing is between KES 19K – KES 27K per year. Learn more here.
  • Windows hosting – this is a hosting service based on Microsoft servers and technologies. If you love windows applications, you will definitely love this.


This is where you get an account with Kenya Web Experts and resell them to your clients. 

Kenya Web Experts resellers

You can do that with:

  • Resell domains
  • Hosting
  • G Suite
  • SSL certificates

This way you can make money online as your own boss by starting your own business. I like the sound of that😊.


COMODO and GeoTrust SSL certificates. These two make your website more secure. 

Kenya Website experts ssl prices

I bet you’ve seen the green lock at the top-left corner of some websites that is a sign that the website is secure.


There are two types of servers: VPS servers and Dedicated servers

vps servers
  • VPS servers – hybrid of shared servers. But comes with own resources such as RAM, storage space, etc. Behaves like dedicated servers but costs less. Check their pricing here.
  • Dedicated servers – here, you rent the whole server to yourself. Unlike in some cases where you are sharing servers with other users, here, you are the only one using the entire thing.
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Perfect for companies with huge demand for processing power such as banks, schools, websites receiving thousands of visits per day.

Email hosting

Kenya Website Experts have two options:

email hosting

  • Google G Suite email service powered by Google Inc
  • Microsoft Office 365 powered by Microsoft Inc

Email hosting is a must-have resource for every growing company.

Cloud hosting – they have Amazon Web Services (AWS) which gives you scalable cloud computing capabilities and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Kenya Web Experts Location and Contacts

Here is their contact information:

Physical Location

International House, 4th Flr, Opp Hilton Hotel | Mama Ngina Street.

P. O. Box 12198 – 00400 Nairobi, Kenya.


Phone Numbers

  • Safaricom: 0722 209 414 or 0720 858 137
  • Airtel: 0733 367 596 or 0733 675 223

Technical Support 

Have issues? Run into problems – think website configuration, installation, FTP, application, DNS, or control panel? Or just want to say hi?

Sales Inquiries 

Have several questions before you purchase? Email them.

Customer Service 

Any non-technical questions you have about hosting, products, services and procedures.

Chat With Kenya Website Experts

  • Skype: kenyawebexperts
  • Google Talk; kenyawebexperts

There you have it, Kenya Web Experts contacts.

Best Alternatives

Remember when I told you this industry is competitive? Well, here is a list of other best hosting providers you should definitely check out.

Click to read our simple and quick review of each company.


Make sure you do some research before settling down to one host.

What to do next

Here is what you should do next:

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Do some research comparing the companies not to end up paying for something that is free in others. But let not price be your motive, go for the quality.

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