April 13, 2024
Let’s Color a Flower

Flowers are the original definition of beauty. This is because they have petals with beautiful colors. Today we are going to color a flower. 

Let’s learn coloring by painting a flower using different colors. This is an educative, fun and easy-peasy coloring tutorial to teach kids to use different colors to paint a drawing. It also teaches kids the different color names in french.

Print the flower drawing, like the one shown below to use during the drawing tutorial.


1. A printout of the flower drawing

2. Colouring supplies

Let’s color a colorful flower! 

Video tutorial: Let’s Color a Flower

Let’s color the flower petals.

Step 1: Use red color to paint the first petal. The red color is called rouge in french.

Step 2: Use orange color to paint the second petal. The orange color is called orange in french.

Step 3: Use yellow color to paint the third petal. The yellow color is called jaune in french.

Step 4: Use green color to paint the fourth petal. The green color is called vert in french.

Step 5: Use cyan color to paint the fifth petal. The cyan color is called cyan in french.

Step 6: Use blue color to paint the sixth petal. The blue color is called bleu in french.

Step 7: Use pink color to paint the seventh petal. The pink color is called rose in french.

Step 8: Use dark blue color to paint the eighth petal.

Step 9: Use dark yellow color to paint the nineth petal.

Step 10: Use purple color to paint the tenth petal. The purple color is called violet in french.

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Let’s color the flower pistil.

Step 7: Use a light orange color to paint the middle part of the flower called the pistil.

Finally, we have colored a beautiful flower drawing! 

Find any flowers around you and try to identify their colors. Ask your family and friends to assist you with the exercise.

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