April 23, 2024
linux vs windows

In this linux vs windows blog post,  we will discuss the differences between using a Linux web hosting server and a Windows server for hosting your website.

In the beginning, Linux was not a viable option for hosting. 

The idea of using Linux to host your website is more recent and has become popular in the last few years because of its flexibility and security. 

There are many benefits to choosing a web server on Windows as opposed to one that uses Linux. 


One advantage of Windows over Linux is usability with extensions like WordPress which require software installed locally on the computer or other device you will be accessing your site from. 

Since Linux doesn’t have this capability, it lacks some features found in hosted websites and can make them difficult if not impossible to use without extensive knowledge about how they operate on their own servers. 

This downside also makes it harder for people who want fast page loading times since the webserver needs to be optimized for each visitor.


Another benefit of Windows is that it has better security features than Linux because malware often targets the latter and companies can’t always afford robust anti-virus software on all their computers or devices. 

The result is more focused attention on Windows which in turn helps protect other platforms like OSX, Android, iOS, desktop PCs, etc. 

Security issues are always a concern with any web hosting solution but this one offers the most comprehensive protection without breaking the bank by becoming too expensive (although it may not be free).

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Another advantage is performance since people would notice much faster load times when using a machine built for running an operating system designed solely for that purpose rather than duplicating services already found on Windows machines.

Which web hosting is best Linux or windows?

The battle between Linux vs Windows as your choice in server operating systems can be fierce when you’re trying to decide which one will work better for your business, but it’s not always easy to know what factors are important. 

The decision at hand needs to account for more than just whether someone prefers using Linux over Microsoft since the two runs on different levels of costs and benefits associated with running software on all their computers or devices.  

The result is more focused attention on Windows which can often provide a higher level of reliability and security for IT professionals.

One way to think about the battle between Linux vs Windows is that Linux is great for using on your desktop or laptop while Windows offers more power as an operating system when running software in web hosting environments.  

Here are some pros and cons of each from a business perspective:

Linux Pros: 

  • Offers lower cost
  • Easier set up
  • No licensing fees
  • Can run multiple applications simultaneously with one server .

Linux Cons: 

  • Security risks because it’s open-source
  • Requires advanced technical knowledge to manage effectively
  • Bigger risk if something goes wrong due to its complexity.

Windows Pros: 

  • More expensive, but offers larger capacity and more control over security because it’s proprietary. 
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Windows Cons: 

  • Requires IT staff to manage
  • Set up is difficult for beginners.

The choice between which web hosting is best Linux or windows will come down to how important these factors are based on what the business needs.

Linux vs Windows: Similarities

The one thing that both have in common is that they are operating systems which means you still need an OS installed on your server to run either web hosting environment.

So if you’re looking at renting or buying servers then make sure whichever type of host you choose has OS licensing available before committing!  

Which one should you pick?

Here are some tips when deciding which platform to go with, knowing what kind of data you’ll be storing can help immensely. 

If you plan on storing a lot of media – think videos, photos, etc., Linux is your best bet. 

It’s less expensive and has more robust support for multimedia formats like mpg. 

If you’re looking to host something that requires high-performance then Linux offers better performance than Windows with its faster update cycle and streamlined interface. 

Meanwhile, if all you’ll be hosting is basic webpages using PHP or MySQL then Windows will save you the most money because it’s cheaper.

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