April 23, 2024

Founded in 2020, with its minimum viable product launched in early 2022, LUMOS co-founder and CEO Eric Fan said the platform enriches OOH ads with digital retargeting and advanced audience analytics to create a new immersive and data-driven marketing environment for brands.

Lumos is the first internal AppStore for companies. With Lumos, employees are more productive and your enterprise is more compliant with self-service app requests, access reviews, and license management.

The employees go to their Company AppStore and ask for app and permission access. IT and security can control who can request which apps, perform access reviews, and automate access creation. Lumos makes companies productive and compliant at the same time.

Lumos is also a market-leading provider of high-quality solar home systems revolutionizing the African market with a reliable and clean power solution, accessible to everyone.

There are currently close to 1 billion people in Africa with poor or no access to the electricity grid. They combine easy-to-use technology with personalized service to power prosperity for millions of people.

Lumos enables prosperity and improves livelihoods for families and business owners who can now advance their level of education, remain active after sundown, take advantage of new opportunities and thrive.

Powering bulbs, computers, fans, TVs, and other appliances, Lumos ensures that customers save money every month, while significantly cutting CO² emissions.

Lumos is currently operating in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire.

How it Works


Through partnerships with leading mobile operators, Lumos delivers its smart solar solution as a service purchased through the mobile phone. 

Once a customer has received a Lumos kit, upon registering and paying a small, one-time initial down payment, the solar panel and indoor unit are installed. 

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The consumer makes affordable ongoing monthly installment payments from his or her mobile phone. 

Once the payment has been credited, the service unlocks and the customer can enjoy safe, clean, and reliable electricity.


Lumos home solar system is suitable for families and small businesses that are not connected to the main electricity grid or that suffer from a low or unreliable power supply. 

Lumos’ systems can be used to power bulbs, computers, fans, TVs, and other appliances. 

Lumos also offers an affordable and reliable alternative for those who are currently using a generator, kerosene lanterns, and batteries for power and light.


Lumos offers solar home systems for individuals, families, and small business owners: 

  • Lumos ECO – With 80W panel and a 200Wh battery. Lumos ECO supports the following appliances: LED lights, USB charger points, fans, radios, and small TVs. 
  • Lumos PRIME – With 160W panel and a 330Wh battery. Lumos PRIME supports the following appliances: LED lights, USB charging points, fans, TVs, radios, trimmers, sewing machines, and laptops. 


Davidi Vortman

Davidi Vortman

Davidi Vortman has two current jobs as Chief Executive Officer at UltraSight and CEO & Co-founder at Nova Lumos. 

He has Management Experience of over twenty years of operational management experience recruiting teams, founding, growing, and managing hi-tech public & private companies.

He also has Strategic Business Development Experience and has a Proven track record in identifying, negotiating, and managing key strategic partnerships and leading sales efforts globally.

Additionally, his Financial Experience includes a Proven track record in financing and managing ventures with consistent revenue growth, raising over $100 million in venture funding and his Technology Experience includes initiating and managing complex technical projects, leading R&D, operating implementation, and assimilation processes while monitoring execution and motivating to excellence.

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Alistair Gordon

Alistair Gordon

Alistair is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer with expertise and a demonstrated history of working in technology-driven consumer businesses in developed and developing countries.

An entrepreneur with a passion for starting and growing new businesses and companies from inception to global success.

Alistair holds a BSc in Mathematics from The University of Manchester.

Laurens Kreuze

Laurens Kreuze

Laurens is an accomplished CFO and business advisor, and a former partner at KPMG in Nigeria and The Netherlands. He is experienced in finance, operations, fundraising, M&A, restructuring, and legal for listed global organizations as well as tech and startup companies. He is a builder with a strong drive to scale businesses in emerging markets.

Laurens holds an MBA from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Renee Comoe Seka

Renee Comoe Seka

Renee is the former CEO of DHL Global Forwarding in North/West Africa. 

She held executive positions in leading global companies and served as an executive consultant in others including the Yeshi Group. She is experienced in sales and marketing, retail management, logistics, project management, and more.

Renee holds an MBA from The University of Reims, France.

Tunde Salimonu

Tunde Salimonu

Tunde has vast experience deploying technology solutions in the Fintech industry, Power industry, and public sector. He is an accomplished and dynamic leader, specializing in IT product development, and process optimization through cost-effective IT solutions with a focus on increasing revenue for organizations.

Tunde holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Investors & Funding Rounds


Lumos has received new funding from FMO: the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank.

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The new funding will enable Lumos to produce tens of thousands of solar home systems to meet the fast-growing demand in Côte d’Ivoire, where nearly 9 million people live without access to the electricity grid.

The funding will enable us to increase production and provide solar home systems for tens of thousands of households and small businesses, providing an estimated 200,000 people with reliable solar energy for the first time.

Main Competitors

Electriq Power: This is a provider of smart home battery storage solutions for homes and small businesses.

Azuri Technologies: It brings affordable solar power to off-grid rural Africans.

Enlight México: This is a leading solar energy provider for homes and small businesses in Mexico.


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