April 14, 2024
Affordable Managed Database

A Managed Database is a critical component for any database-driven mission-critical application and website. Mission-critical apps or websites refer to apps or sites that cannot afford downtime.  Small databases are easier to maintain and handle. As soon as a database gets 10GB in size, its handling and management become complex.

Why Truehost managed Database is a no-brainer

Here are some of the reasons why Truehost managed database service rocks;


Mission-critical Apps and Sites require a highly available cloud infrastructure including the database. High Availability can only be achieved within a cluster. It’s very complex to set up a reliable and optimized HA database cluster.

Cost Saving on Set up

It’s very expensive to set up a high availability database cluster. A business can save a fortune by choosing a managed databases service as opposed to building a cluster.

Cost-saving to run: Administration

Any High availability (HA) cluster requires an around-the-clock database and system administration. This might be too expensive for any small business


Setting up a HA database cluster and fine-tuning it to optimal performance requires 5 -10 days at best. Taking up Truehost Managed Databases requires a 2-minute setup process and you are ready to deploy the mission-critical app with an HA-managed database.

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