April 14, 2024
Meta Rolls Out Next-Generation Generative AI Capabilities for Advertisers

Advertisers can now access an AI Sandbox created by Meta to aid in the creation of Facebook or Instagram ads.

Meta Rolls Out Next-Generation Generative AI Capabilities for Advertisers

The Sandbox offers three features: the ability to generate alternative copies, the option to easily create different assets for a campaign, and a tool that allows companies to create visuals in various aspect ratios.

With the first feature, brands can create different variations of the same copy for different audiences while maintaining the core message of the ad.

The second feature, background generation, streamlines the process of creating various assets for a campaign.

Lastly, the image cropping feature helps companies to create visuals in different aspect ratios for different mediums such as social posts, stories, or short videos like Reels.

At present, only select advertisers have access to these features, but Meta plans to expand access to more advertisers in July after receiving feedback from early users.

Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth mentioned last month that the company was exploring the use of generative AI tech for ads.

“[I] expect we’ll start seeing some of them [commercialization of the tech] this year. We just created a new team, the generative AI team, a couple of months ago; they are very busy. It’s probably the area that I’m spending the most time [in], as well as Mark Zuckerberg and [Chief Product Officer] Chris Cox,”

Bosworth told Nikkei Asia in an interview at the time.

Meta reported strong financial results for the first quarter of 2023, surpassing the predictions of industry analysts.

The company also achieved year-over-year revenue growth, marking the first time in three quarters.

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Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that although the tech giant is exploring various artificial intelligence tools, its focus remains on developing the metaverse.

As Meta rolls out lightweight generative AI features for advertisers, several ad tech startups are heavily embracing this technology.

For instance, Omneky, which presented at TechCrunch Disrupt last year, used OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and GPT-3 to create ads.

Meanwhile, Movio, backed by IDG, Sequoia Capital China, and Baidu Ventures, utilizes generative AI to produce marketing videos.

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