April 14, 2024

Founded in April 2014, Moringa School plays a pivotal role in developing and nurturing high-potential individuals who are passionate about technology and want to take a lead role in Software Engineering and other tech-based programs.

Since its launch, the school has trained over 1,800 students from across East Africa, with over 89 percent of its students finding a job within three months of graduation at an above-average starting salary.

In 2020, Moringa was listed among the top 50 Edtech companies in Africa by HolonIQ. 

The World Bank cited Moringa School as a leader in the space following its research into technology boot camps. 

It was also recently selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers in 2021.

Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary learning accelerator committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job markets by delivering transformative tech-based learning to high-potential job seekers, and on graduation connecting them to local and international employers who desire high-quality tech talent.

Moringa has been training High School/University Graduates to be Software Engineers and Data Scientists for years in Kenya and achieved market leadership training over 4,000 students with an employment rate of over 85%, as most of its graduates enroll in leading companies throughout Africa and the world.

How it Works

Access Program

The Access Program is a scholarship program for youth from low-income backgrounds. Access Program participants benefit from additional activities and support. 

This is to afford them equal opportunity for completing the program and graduating with the same confidence and success probability as their self-sponsored counterparts.

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They encourage students to communicate with their team when/if they are facing any academic or personal problems, to ensure that their team can provide adequate support. 

They also have an open-door policy and encourage free interaction between students and mentors with the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and creativity at the core of our environment.

Access graduates will receive support in seeking employment for 1 year after graduating. This support entails weekly follow-up for the first six months, ending with employment opportunities, access to laptops at Moringa School to be able to apply for jobs, and professional connections.

Learning Models & Curriculum

Lightning Talks take place every Tuesday where the students will attend lightning talks that are student-led and touch on any informative topics aimed at motivating students and teaching them something outside what they learn in class.

Additionally, every Thursday the students attend a talk led by a speaker from the industry to motivate, share experiences, and/or demo a project/product that the students can learn to use, within or outside Moringa School.

Moringa School has a strict policy on attendance and this determines whether the student stays in Moringa School or is dropped from the program. The students are expected to be in Moringa School online or in-person, depending on the module from Monday to Friday.


Audrey Chen

Audrey Chen

Audrey Cheng is the founder and Board Member at Moringa School.

Audrey is deeply passionate about human transformation, community, and the future of work. She loves following trends that give us a clue to where the world is going and proactively designing solutions to ensure people are well-equipped to design and enter into the future of work.

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Audrey is excited about the power of communities to create value, drive sustainable change, and make decentralized decisions.

Audrey has proven leadership experience with several years of launching and growing a venture-backed education company in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As an Enneagram Type 4, she is skilled at identifying new opportunities, building partnerships, and developing and implementing creative solutions that lead to measurable results. 

Additionally, she has experience building brands from the ground up and galvanizing stakeholders toward a common goal. Audrey is an avid writer, an experimenter in work and life, and a learner.

On top of that, Audrey has keynoted and spoken on panels on education and the future of work at the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the Global Education Tech conference in Beijing, Expo Dubai 2020, and more.

Investors & Funding Rounds

DOB Equity

DOB Equity

The investment is to help Moringa accelerate the company’s transition to providing remote online learning.

DOB investment is set to equip students with the right digital skillset to enter the job market is particularly important considering the increased economic uncertainty. 

As technology companies globally soar because of an increasingly digital world, the demand for software developers and data scientists is growing quickly.

DOB Equity originally invested in Moringa School in 2019 to help the business capitalize on the fast-growing demand for technical-skilled professionals.

With these funds, Moringa’s team will work tirelessly to transition its curriculum to remote learning, starting with its core software engineering and data science programs, enabling it to retain over 80 percent of its enrolled students.

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The company is also seeing growing interest in corporate training contracts as employers invest in training staff during the crisis.

Main Competitors

Duia: This is an educational enterprise for online live learning.

Cartable: It is a free learning platform for students from 12 to 18 editing its learning materials and technology.

Showbie: This is an app that combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, and communication in one easy-to-use platform.


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