April 17, 2024

Since its launch in 2012, Mubawab has been Morocco’s real estate website of choice. It has offices all over the country and offers translations into French, Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Mubawab makes it easier for people in Morocco who want to rent or sell a property to talk to each other. Almost 2 million different people visit Mubawab every month because of how well-known it is. Real estate companies can be sure that the website will help them.

Since 2019, Mubawab has owned Jumia House in the Maghreb area. In addition to being the most important company in Morocco, Jumia House is also a major player in Tunisia and Algeria. Since Mubawab is the largest real estate website in the area, this purchase will give it access to some of the most promising real estate markets in Maghreb.

Mubawab can meet the growing demand in a new area of real estate and make sure that buyers have a good experience with ten years of experience in the business.

The work that Mubawab does makes sure that buyers are well taken care of and that their money is well spent.

Mubawab is in a very strong position in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia and it’s the first property listing website in the country, and its goal is to completely change the real estate market in Morocco by making it more organized and taking advantage of how dynamic the market is.

How it Works

Mubawab Academy

Mubawab Academy gives its own employees access to training as well as a free online education program designed for the real estate industry.

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The goal of the Mubawab Academy channel is to help you get started with the Mubawab tools (mobile apps, Mubawab account back office, etc.) by giving you a solid foundation and showing you how to get the most out of your subscription. You can get tips and training on real estate and digital marketing from the channel.

Real Estate

This is a financial transaction in which one party (the client) sells things to another party, and the bank then resells those things to the customer at the original price plus a certain margin.

Financing without interest is a business transaction that can be used to buy a new or already-owned home as a primary or secondary residence. You can also buy land with it. This type of financing has a wide range of effects in many fields (provided it is intended for construction).

Mubawab allows sellers and landlords to advertise their properties in Morocco and Tunisia and has two million visits to its site per month and 150,000 properties listed.

Project Proposal

Builders often find that marketing a property development project takes the most time and is the part of the process they know the least about.

He often feels lost in the maze of project exposure, marketing campaign, digital, and contacting the leads that have been made. To meet this need, the new Mubawab Transaction Business Unit was made.

If developers can find a team of people from different fields to handle all of the marketing for their project, they can focus on what they do best.

A group of data scientists does different kinds of market research as a first step. Then, you can use Mubawab Transaction’s skills in communication and marketing. Lastly, Mubawab Transaction’s staff of commercial consultants is in charge of helping all of your connections, advising them, and forcing them to take action on our joint business by buying a home.

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Become a Partner

By joining Mubawab Transaction, you can use the knowledge of a company that goes above and beyond to help you meet all of your clients’ needs.

Their diverse staff takes care of everything, from checking out potential real estate developments to making new ways for people to talk to each other.

When you join Mubawab group of more than 100 real estate companies, you can make money in every way.


Kevin Gormand

Kevin Gormand

Kevin Gormand is the CEO and Founder at Mubawab.

He attended ESSEC Business School.

Investors & Funding Rounds

 Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG)

 Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG)

A real estate company in the United Arab Emirates called Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) has given $7 million to a real estate marketplace in Morocco called Mubawab.

Mubawab plans to use the money to hire more people and start new projects in the real estate business, which will help it grow faster.

Additionally, the company has borrowed another US$10 million to speed up its growth.

After a successful first year, the company wants to hire 200 more people and start a new research and development (R&D) division.

Main Competitors

PropertyPro Nigeria: You can use PropertyPro.ng to find a home in Nigeria.

Housing.com: This is a well-known website in India that helps people buy, rent, and sell houses online.

Tapu.com: It is the first managed real estate platform in Turkey.


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