June 20, 2024
OLITT Launches an Integrated Online Shop Builder

NAIROBI, Kenya, 21 March 2022

OLITT, a leading Saas platform that helps entrepreneurs and SMBs to launch websites, landing pages, and online stores swiftly, today announced the launch of Olitt Shop, a full-fledge AI-driven Online Store builder. With Olitt Shop, SMBs and entrepreneurs will be able to showcase and sell across multiple channels with ease.

Olitt Shop is a simple digital storefront that can be launched in 3 minutes. It supports connection to a custom domain, social commerce catalogs, multiple payment gateways, shipping channels, marketing tools, and support tools including Livechat and helpdesk applications.

OLITT believes internet entrepreneurs today must showcase and sell their goods and services on all digital commerce channels. “It’s not enough to just have a website in this time and age, you must additionally showcase and sell your good and services on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tiktok, and other social platforms”, said David Murimi, founder and CEO, OLITT.

“There is probably a combined audience of over 4B people across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Tiktok, that is why you have to be on these platforms. It’s by no means easy to showcase and sell across these platforms. But am happy to say that OLITT has done the heavy lifting so that an ordinary SMB or internet entrepreneur can simply manage all the commerce from their Olitt Shop dashboard”, explained David.

OLITT has only launched in Kenya with limited availability in 2 other major markets in Africa; Nigeria and South Africa. That notwithstanding, in the first few months of service, the platform has attracted SMBs and internet entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries globally.

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OLITT is eying being more than the African Shopify by going beyond building digital storefronts to building Entrepreneurs. Some of the unique challenges OLITT has had to deal with in these emerging markets include low technical know-how among first-time internet entrepreneurs. This particular challenge has been addressed by a highly simplified user experience.

Secondly, payment and shipping sectors are not highly developed unlike in the developed world where Paypal, Stripe, FedEx, UPS, USPS control the markets; in Africa, OLITT has had to integrate to tens of payment service providers.

Thirdly, the purchasing power of SMBs and first-time Internet Entrepreneurs in emerging markets is relatively low compared SMBs in the developed world. OLITT has had to develop a highly efficient platform with affordable pricing points. 

OLITT offers a freemium model that allows SMBs and first-time internet entrepreneurs to launch free websites and online shops with limited functionality. Unlocking extra functionality requires an upgrade of subscription. A monthly subscription is as low as $1.99. Even though $1.99 is not a permanent price, OLITT promises to always offer affordable pricing to its customers.


OLITT was founded in 2021 by David Murimi and William Mwai, is a user-friendly, AI-driven website and online store builder platform that enables thousands of SMBs and first-time internet entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products and services online. The entrepreneurs are now able to manage both physical and digital products on their own online shops, on Facebook, on Instagram, and Whatsapp with directly from their OLITT dashboard. Other tools supported on OLITT include AI Content Writer, Screenshot Tool, Terms of Service Generator, Privacy Policy Generator, Anti-phishing service, Domain Names Registration Service, and DNS Management Service.

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