April 23, 2024

Olitt is an interesting project. The project set out to enable small businesses to launch their business online swiftly.  The project was set up with the understanding that owners of small businesses lack technical skills to create websites or online shops and a budget to hire a developer to create a website or an online store.

This premise has called for OLITT developers to roll out a few things

No code Website Builder

Olitt allows users to create a website without writing a single line of code. Olitt editor allows users to drag and drop different website components. Copy and paste text, upload images, and videos.

Affordable Subscription

Most small businesses lack the budget to pay developers and designers and therefore OLITT has a considerate subscription as low as $2.5.  It is one of the cheapest website builder platforms out there.

AI content generator

OLITT provides a free AI content generator service to allow small businesses owners to generate articles and website content with ease.

Domain Name Registration

This free website builder has the cheapest domain name registration service on earth, allowing small businesses to buy domain names at the best prices.

DNS Manager

This is a simple but important tool for business owners to manage DNS information with ease. It allows small businesses to have all the domains in a single secure portal.

Online Shop

Olitt provides a ready-made online shop to small business owners. The shop is loaded with all the necessary integrations including payment methods, shipping options, channels, anti-fraud tools, among others.

Mobile Shop 

Olitt Mobile Shop is an app, which allows small business owners to launch and manage their shop on their phones. The mobile shop is more intuitive than the web online shop.

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Check it out now.

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