April 14, 2024
How Much Does Online Writing Pay in Kenya

Online writing is becoming an increasingly popular way for writers to make money in Kenya. 

With the rise of online publications and blogs, more writers are entering the digital realm and looking for ways to monetize their work.

But how much does online writing actually pay? 

In this article, we’ll explore the various methods available for Kenyan writers to make money from their writing online and what they can expect to earn from each.

What is Online Writing?

Online writing is a type of writing that involves creating content for digital platforms. 

This can include blog posts, articles, social media captions, website copy, product descriptions, etc. 

Unlike traditional print writing, online writing has its own unique set of rules and guidelines to follow in order to attract readers and engage them.

In Kenya, online writing has become a popular way for many individuals to earn an income. 

Freelance writers can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection and create content for clients all over the world. 

The pay for online writing in Kenya varies depending on factors such as experience level, type of content being created and the client’s budget. Some writers may charge per word while others may charge a flat fee per piece of content.

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Types of Online Writing Jobs & Payment Structures 

A. Freelance Writing

For aspiring writers in Kenya, online freelance writing presents an opportunity to earn a steady income from the comfort of their homes. 

However, the amount one can earn largely depends on their level of expertise and experience. 

For beginners, hourly rates range from $15-$20, while intermediate writers can expect to earn between $25-$41 per hour. 

Expert writers with years of experience and a proven track record can command rates as high as $85 per hour.

It’s important to note that these rates are not set in stone and can vary depending on various factors such as client budget, project complexity, and competition from other freelancers. 

Additionally, building a solid reputation through positive client feedback and consistent delivery of quality work is crucial for any freelancer looking to increase their earning potential in the long run.

B. Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are essential components of online writing that ensure the highest level of quality and readability for readers. 

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Editing involves reviewing written content to check for errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, formatting, and syntax. 

This process ensures that the text is well-structured and easily understandable by its intended audience.

Proofreading focuses on identifying and correcting errors that may have been missed during editing. 

It includes reviewing the final draft of a document to check for spelling mistakes, typos or grammatical errors that might have been overlooked previously. 

A good proofreader must also be able to identify any formatting issues such as font size discrepancies or spacing problems.

When it comes to pay rates for editing and proofreading in Kenya’s online writing industry – beginners can expect around $20 per hour; intermediate editors/proofreaders can earn up to $30 per hour while advanced professionals can make upwards of $60 per hour. 

The pay scale will depend on your experience levels as well as your ability to deliver accurate work within tight deadlines. 

C. Blogging

Blogging has become a popular and profitable way to earn money online in Kenya. 

It involves writing content for your own blog or as a guest blogger for someone else’s site. 

As a blogger, you can write on any topic that interests you and build an audience who will read your posts regularly.

Beginner bloggers can earn around $20 per hour while establishing their presence online. 

This is usually through affiliate marketing or paid advertising on their website. 

Intermediate bloggers with more experience and established audiences can expect to earn up to $41 per hour, while expert bloggers with significant followings could make up to $85 per hour.

To succeed as a blogger in Kenya, developing excellent writing skills and creating engaging content that resonates with your readers is essential. 

You also need to understand the principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your blog ranks highly in search engine results pages. 

Finally, it’s crucial to network with other bloggers both locally and internationally by reaching out via social media and attending events within the industry. 

D. Payment Structures

There are several payment structures for online writers in Kenya. 

One of the most common is through hourly rates, where writers are paid based on their work hours. 

This payment structure is usually preferred by clients who require a consistent output from their writers and need them to be available at specific times.

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Another popular payment structure for online writing in Kenya is pay per word or pay per article. 

Here, writers are paid based on the number of words they write or articles they complete. 

Clients may set a specific rate for each word or article completed, which can vary depending on the complexity and length of the task.

Lastly, some clients may choose to pay online writers a flat rate per project. 

This means that regardless of how long it takes or how many words are written, the writer will receive a predetermined amount for completing the task. 

Freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr offer various payment structures that cater to different client needs and preferences when it comes to hiring freelance copywriters from Kenya. 

How to Make Money Writing Online in Kenya

A. Find Clients

Finding clients is one of the most challenging aspects of being an online writer in Kenya. 

However, there are several ways to find clients and generate a steady stream of work. 

One strategy is to create a professional website that showcases your writing skills and services you offer. 

This website can serve as a portfolio for potential clients who want to see samples of your work.

Another way to find clients is by joining freelance writing platforms such as Upwork, Guru and Freelancer.com. 

These platforms allow you to bid on projects posted by potential clients from all over the world. 

You can also network with other writers through social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook groups dedicated to freelance writing. 

Building relationships with other writers may lead to referrals and new business opportunities.

Lastly, consider offering your services at lower rates initially or even doing some pro-bono work for non-profit organizations or start-ups in exchange for testimonials and exposure which can help build your reputation as a reliable writer in Kenya. 

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B. Write Quality Content

Finding clients is half the battle when it comes to online writing in Kenya. 

With so many writers competing for work, only submit your work if it is 100% quality. 

This means taking the time to proofread and edit your work before submitting it.

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When you deliver high-quality content, clients are more likely to return with more orders or even refer you to other potential clients. 

Quality content can help establish yourself as a credible writer and build your reputation within the industry. 

Therefore, investing time and effort into producing excellent content can pay off in the long run by helping you earn more money and secure longer-term contracts.

C. Set Your Rates

Setting your rates as an online writer in Kenya can be tricky. 

The pay scale for online writing is usually lower than that of traditional print media. 

This is because the competition is high and many writers are willing to work for lower rates. 

However, it’s important not to undervalue your skills and experience when setting your rates.

One way to determine your rate is by calculating how much you need to earn per hour to meet your financial goals. 

Consider factors such as taxes, overhead costs, and other expenses that may impact your income. 

You can also research the average rates in the industry and adjust accordingly based on your level of expertise.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to set a rate that reflects the value of your work while remaining competitive in the market. 

Remember that clients are willing to pay more for quality work and reliable service, so establish yourself as a professional who delivers on their promises. 


In conclusion, online writing is a lucrative venture in Kenya. 

Freelance writers can earn between Kshs 500 and Kshs 100,000 per month depending on their experience level, content type, and the client’s budget. 

Some popular online writing platforms in Kenya include iWriter, Upwork, and Fiverr. 

To succeed in online writing as a Kenyan freelancer, one requires excellent writing skills and must keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

You must also research the topic thoroughly before starting to write; understand your target audience and tailoring your content to suit them; using tools such as Grammarly for editing and plagiarism checks; networking with other freelancers and clients on social media platforms such as LinkedIn; building a personal brand by creating an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills and expertise.

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