April 23, 2024

Bamba Lo founded PAPS in 2016 to provide end-to-end logistics solutions for businesses with offline and online operations.

Initially, PAPS operated a consumer-to-consumer logistics model. However, it immediately pivoted after noticing how infrequent and disorganized most requests were. It was hard to precisely predict the delivery flows in the space, which is different from the B2B model, where deliveries are planned. 

The platform caters to small to large businesses, assisting them with their logistics needs, from storage and international transport to last-mile delivery.

PAPS also provides merchants with visibility features to track and know the status of deliveries from takeoff to the point of destination. Merchants can also schedule deliveries on the platform.

The Senegalese company owns the warehouses used to store clients’ goods and parcels. It also owns motorcycles, vans, cars, and trucks to carry out inter- and intra-city logistics and deliveries. Additionally, the logistics company has a relay network of hubs close to its clients that act as delivery points.

Additionally, PAPS offers end-to-end logistics solutions for businesses with both offline and online operations. Its technology allows businesses of all sizes to effectively manage their logistics needs, with services including storage, international transport, and last-mile deliveries.

How it Works


For a perfect execution of their courier missions, they have a large network of PAPSERS trained to meet the requirements of our customers.

They also have a multimodal fleet made up of scooters, mini-vans, vans, vans, and trucks, which allows them to best meet the particularities and expectations relating to each mission of each Paps client.

Through the pooling and scheduling of shipments, they also offer their customers the possibility of sending their parcels, letters, or goods at unbeatable prices.

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When the delivery request is made before 11 a.m., the package is sent during the afternoon of the same day. However, when the request is passed beyond 11 am the delivery will be made the next day in the morning.

The different stages of this procedure are visible to their customers, on their MY PAPS platform. The recipient of the parcel also receives an update by SMS at each stage of the delivery.


Paps have over 4000m2 of storage space and their warehouses provide easy access to their customers as they are close to markets, highways, and transit hubs. 

They are equipped with remote monitoring, alarms, and security personnel to protect their customers’ goods during the handling period and also to avoid any intrusion by anyone outside the operational team.

They also offer personalized warehousing and storage spaces for products, whether in bulk, on pallets, or boxes for smaller volumes, and carry out storage on the ground and storage at height on racks.

However, they do not impose a minimum storage period on their customers and leave them the flexibility to choose the duration and space that suits their needs.


To offer a tailor-made solution to their customers, they offer the provisioning service for the proper execution of their missions. 

By opting for this service, their client gains in productivity, by no longer having to deal with personnel or fleet management with all that implies. He is in charge of managing the courier’s schedule.

The customer can also benefit from a decreasing rate if he opts for a longer period of availability.

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Availability is a service that has been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals who constantly need a delivery person, without the constraints of managing an internal resource and this, flexibly daily, weekly, or monthly, for one day (ideal for holiday periods, special operations or during promotions).


They have deployed this service to make it easier for their customers to deliver their parcels at national, sub-regional, and international levels. 

Depending on the needs and specificities of each client’s mission, they provide freight by different means and routes. This includes road transport as well as sea and air routes.

Regular Tour

Their regular route service manages the usual errands, inter-site shuttles, and daily delivery or collection routes for their customers scheduled in advance. 

Thanks to this service, they optimize the regular transport of documents, parcels, and products in a simple, efficient, and above all economical way.

The round allows their customers to save time because they schedule regular passages, avoid repetitive trips and phone calls, and limit the unnecessary and non-productive loss of time. 

It gives customers the flexibility to choose the flow of regular trips through the number of regular trips per day, per week, and per month and this is about the various identified destination points.

This service also allows their customers to have a designated courier who perfectly masters their mission and will be able to adapt to all possible situations.

The last significant advantage of this offer is that it allows customers to save money because the pooling of shipments allows them to optimize delivery costs as much as possible.

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They also offer the tour at the urban and national levels thanks to our weekly shuttles.


Bamba LÔ

Bamba LÔ

Bamba Lo is the current CEO and Co-Founder of Paps.

He previously worked at ELISE Technologies as a Chief Commercial Officer.

Bamba Lo attended McGill University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Kepple Africa Ventures, 4DX Ventures

 PAPS has raised a US$4.5 million pre-Series A funding round from local and international investors to help it scale its tech-enabled logistics solution across the Francophone African region. 

The startup wanted to become the biggest distribution service in French-speaking Africa and has already expanded to Ivory Coast; it is now targeting further growth on the back of raising US$4.5 million in funding.

The investment was co-led by 4DX Ventures and Orange, with participation from existing investors such as Saviu Ventures and Uma Ventures as well as new investors including Yamaha Motors, LoftyInc Capital Management, Proparco, the Google Black Founders Fund, To.org, Kepple Africa Ventures, and Enza Capital.  

With the largest last-mile fleet in Senegal, PAPS has so far made over 10 million deliveries across Senegal and Ivory Coast and now plans to extend its offering into other French-speaking markets in West Africa.

Main Competitors

ZTO Express: This is a logistics company that provides shipping and delivery services to Alibaba.

Bosta: It is an e-commerce company that focuses on delivery services for businesses and customers.

Lalamove: This is a logistics company that provides on-demand and same-day delivery services.


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