April 14, 2024

Co-founded in 2019 by venture builder The Delta and a private investor, Revio is a SaaS company that powers growing or scaling e-commerce and subscription-based businesses. 

In its simplest form, Revio provides recurring billing automation, sending electronic invoices, accepting any payment method, and reconciling with ease. 

With its three core products, Payment Orchestration, Billing Automation, and Smart Collections, Revio allows businesses to offer multiple payment options, automate billing, and manage customer churn. 

Revio also offers its clients full visibility with real-time customer segmentation and analytics dashboards to allow them to monitor direct collections efforts and increase customer lifetime value.

Since Revio commenced operations, the firm already has a client roll call of more than 50. 

Revio’s enterprise clients include insurers, telcos, retailers, subscription software and media companies, asset leasing or financing businesses, and alternative lenders. 

The company’s products have found favor with recurring revenue businesses with high transactional volumes.

Revio’s API allows businesses to accept and reconcile more than 30 payment methods. 

These include the major mobile money products, card schemes, direct bank payments, and wallets in 25 countries in African markets. 

The firm plans to expand its offerings to Latin America.

How it Works

Automated Billing

From configuring orders to rating complex usage and calculating taxes, Rev.io’s automated billing covers every unique aspect of the quote-to-cash process.

Shave hours off your team’s daily billing and back office management. With Rev.io’s automated billing software, you can reallocate this time to initiatives that help you grow.

Run a smarter business with customizable reports and built-in data insights. 

Rev.io’s automated billing system helps you identify strengths, pinpoint weaknesses, and understand your customers better.

Consolidate the systems you rely on with a fully integrated tech stack. Rev.io’s comprehensive REST API integrations help you reduce swivel-chair management.

Beat your competition to market with a fully optimized quote-to-cash experience. An efficient back office creates scalability for launching new products, targeting different market segments, and aiming higher.

Configuring Quotes, Proposals, and Orders

Optimize how you collect customer information and configure quotes, proposals, and orders. 

Rev.io’s automated billing system accelerates these critical first steps in the quote-to-cash process, ensuring accurate bills while maximizing your efficiency.

Rating Usage and Calculating Taxes

Master the most complex parts of communications billing with proven automated billing technology. 

Rev.io’s built-in rating engine accurately rates and captures your customers’ usage. Through their partners’ integrated tax databases, they help you achieve dependable tax compliance.

Distributing Bills, Processing Payments, and Managing Collections

Streamline the final stages of your quote-to-cash process with automated bill distribution and fully integrated payment processing. 

When you have customers with past-due accounts, Rev.io’s automated billing system will issue an outreach cadence via email, direct mail, and phone.

International Functionality

Rev.io supports your business’s international expansion and winning customers in different geographic markets.

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 Accurately rate international calls and data, while billing customers in a wide range of currencies. 

Automatically format currencies, dates, and addresses in your customers’ home countries and cultures.

Customer Management

Process new customer orders efficiently with configurable workflow templates. Save your back office team considerable time and energy.

Become widely known across your industry for the quality of customer service you deliver. 

Create a high bar for customer service expectations that exceeds what your competition can offer.

Analyze detailed reporting insights to better understand your customers. Create a satisfactory customer billing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Identify and address account issues for at-risk customers. Keep your partners happy with their service experience and eager to continue the relationship.

Configurable Billing Tools

From workflows to order management, Rev.io tailors billing to individual accounts and your customer’s specific needs.

Streamlined Customer Data

Rev.io’s customer management, CRM, and billing solutions give you streamlined access to relevant customer data.

Insightful Reporting

Rev.io’s customizable reporting capabilities enable you to analyze key customer metrics and insights.


Rev.io Payments supports easy-to-secure payments in multiple formats. 

Their integrated merchant processing software accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH, all protected by state-of-the-art encryption.

With billing and payments under one roof, you can optimize the quote-to-cash experience for peak efficiency. 

Devote these extra hours and additional resources to high-value initiatives that move the needle.

Ensure clear visibility into all pricing models and account charges. Rev.io Payments delivers a transparent, all-in-one merchant processing experience with predictable pricing you can trust.

Close transactions, speed up A/R timing and accelerate the time it takes to receive your money with Rev.io Payments’ next-day funding.

Detailed Activity Monitoring

With Activity Monitoring, you can quickly access payment amounts and types, bookmark reference numbers, and monitor transactions for suspicious activity.

Settlement Summaries

Settlement Summaries provide real-time insight into a pending payment’s settlement status within your account.

Hassle-Free Chargebacks & Returns

For transactions that didn’t go through, Chargebacks and Returns will create a digital record. You can then refer to this documentation and run the payment again.


Identify the root cause of account issues faster for efficient resolution times and dependable customer service experiences.

Promote transparency among your team with easily accessible KPI department dashboards, each featuring tailored insights for individual team members.

Automate your internal forecasting and reporting to save time, eliminate outdated data entries, and reduce overhead.


Streamline your access to customer data and information pulled from integrated systems for an optimal quote-to-cash experience.

Reduce the number of systems you need to separately log into and manage. Rev.io’s supported integrations enable you to automate key processes across your technology stack.

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Efficiency is everything. Keep competitors in the rearview with fully integrated systems that empower you to focus on accelerating your growth.

Focus more attention on delivering quality customer service and less time on swivel chair management.

Product Roadmap

Rev.io supports integration builds for most critical systems used throughout the communications service community.


Rev.io facilitates development with selected partners for specialized integrations tailored to your needs.


Revio’s open REST API, enabled by webhooks, supports custom development opportunities by request.

Self-Service Portals

Get paid faster with a streamlined A/R experience. Using Rev.io’s self-service tools, your customers will enjoy a confusion-free, efficient process when submitting payments for existing bills.

Access the switch and billing insights that you need to understand your revenue status.

 Rev.io provides this information through a streamlined platform, delivering the actionable insights that your customers want to see.

Your business and its agents should completely align. With Rev.io’s configurable self-service portals, you can expect more productive and satisfied agents who feel in complete control to help grow your business.

Simplify management of your largest customer accounts. Avoid errors and save time while streamlining hierarchies and calculating usage at scale.

Agent Portal

Set your agents up for instant success to win more business. Rev.io’s Agent Portal gives your agents modern tools to create quotes and orders, view customer account details, streamline internal communications, and grow their productivity.

Enterprise Portal

Accommodate largely, multi-location customer accounts with ease. Rev.io’s Enterprise Portal provides functionality for customers to manage bills, place orders, submit tickets, access detailed reports, and much more.

Rev.io Sync

Reconcile data between your billing system and your switch with Rev.io Sync. Ensure data accuracy in less time while reducing human error to avoid revenue leakage.

Bill On Behalf

Equip the resellers that depend on you, attract new customers, and accelerate revenue growth across your network with our comprehensive bill-on-behalf platform.

Take the manual responsibility out of your billing experience to make life easier for your reseller base. 

Rev.io’s bill-on-behalf automation gives your resellers critical time back to focus on their customers.

With an effective bill-on-behalf solution, you can empower your resellers to execute on creating new business and drive your topline growth.

Reliable Customer Management

Set your resellers up with every tool they need to bill customers for your unique communications products and services. 

With Rev.io’s comprehensive bill-on-behalf solution, resellers can build confidence in managing these critical relationships.

Scalable Billing & Rating

Give your resellers a professional edge with their customers through scalable billing and complex rating capabilities.

 Rev.io enables your reseller team to tailor billing based on unique needs and rate accurate usage for all types of telecom bills.

Trusted Tax Management

Provide your resellers with the integrated tools they need to achieve telecom tax compliance. 

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Rev.io’s integrated tax databases and compliance resources position your resellers for confidence and success in this complex area.

Rev.io Odin 

Rev.io Odin delivers major cost and time savings through template creations and leveraging bulk provisioning – without spreadsheets.

Accurately predict your profitability and costs with technology that live streams billable events to third-party apps and gives you simple cost per-user, per-month metrics.

Customize your platform’s branding, offer a self-service portal, and create an unlimited number of unique experiences for your customers.

Rev.io Odin gives clients major advancements in Cisco BroadWorks synchronization to help you extend the life of your investment. 

With Rev.io Odin, you get a reliable, customizable system that allows for changes, new features, and visibility into profits and costs.

Rev.io Odin supports various SSO architectures, allowing users streamlined access from existing portal environments.

Their Cisco BroadWorks automation platform gives you advanced reporting for groups, users, auto attendants, hunt groups, meet-me, and call centers.

With Rev.io Odin, you can audit, import, and migrate across single or multiple BroadWorks platforms – regardless of versions.

Internationalization enables multi-language support, you will be able to translate and customize the text in the Odin Portal to the language(s) of your choice.


Brent Maropis

Brent Maropis

Brent Maropis is the Chief Executive Officer at Rev.io.

Louis Buys

Louis Buys

Louis Buys is the CEO at The Delta and co-founder at Revio. 

Additionally, Louis Buys has had a past job as the Co-Founder at Revix UK Limited.

Investors & Funding Rounds

The Delta, Sequoia Capital, Quona Capital, and Circle Payments.

Revio has raised more than USD 1 Mn in a seed round. Delta, an international venture development business, led the round. The startup plans to expand into East Africa in the future.

Revio has just raised seed funding, with the round led by SpeedInvest and joined by RaliCap Ventures, The Fund, and Two Culture Capital.

Several angel investors also participated, including payment and revenue recovery experts from Sequoia Capital, Quona Capital, and Circle Payments.

The funding will be used to launch new products, expand the team, and enter new emerging markets, all contributing to Revio’s mission of reducing payment failures and churn. 

Additionally, its Payments Orchestration, Billing Automation, and Revenue Recovery solutions enable businesses to passively, actively, and proactively recover lost transactions, increase revenue, optimize cash flow, and increase customer lifetime value. 

Main Competitors

Truly: Automate Any Revenue Process With Hyper Automation.

Pixeom: This is a market-leading software-defined edge computing platform.

Sellsy: It is an online customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management platform.


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