April 16, 2024
Sendy Team leaders

Sendy was started in Kenya in 2014 to make partnerships that would give companies and people access to opportunities that had not been available before.

Sendy’s on-demand delivery platform is designed to provide door-to-door transportation and delivery services. Its service organizes deliveries, keeps track of drivers, makes it easy to pay without cash, and even connects riders to customers.

The company is a delivery platform that uses technology to connect companies and customers with drivers of different types of vehicles, making the delivery process easier and more efficient.

When a customer places an order through the platform, it is sent right away to the nearest available Sendy Partner Driver.

Sendy was built on the idea that delivery unlocks potential, fuels development, and opens up a universe of new possibilities. This idea is what moves the company forward. Sendy’s high-quality and low-cost solution is a clear winner for companies that outsource their logistics compared to ad hoc in-house logistics management.

The system checks the size of the vehicle and whether or not it is available to save time and money. When a business grows, it doesn’t have to spend money building its own logistics network.

To set up delivery, they just need to use a website or mobile app. Also, shipping products is completely risk-free because everything is insured.

How it Works

Sendy Fulfillment

Their Fulfillment Service handles the picking, packing, and shipping of customer orders so you have more time to grow your business.

You need a working email address to sign up for Fulfillment. After you download the app from the Playstore or the App Store, you will be asked to create an account by entering the name of your business, your email address, and the country where you do business. When this step is done, they’ll send you an email with a verification code.

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If you’ve tried these things and still can’t get the OTP code through email, do the following: look through the “Junk” folder. After three minutes, try again to send the code. Once this is confirmed, you will be asked for your full name.

Then, tell them about your business and the market you serve. Join in with these rules and regulations.

Go to Settings > Account > Personal Info in the app to change your contact info. Remember that the only things you can change are the name and the phone number. Since each account’s email address is its main identifier and is used in the validation process, it can’t be changed.

Go to the Account section of the app, click on “Business Profile,” and then fill out the information that’s asked for. Here, you can change the name, industry, location, and social media profiles of the company.

Retail & Supply

Sendy makes it easy to add items for restocking right from the app.

You can choose how you want to pay. You can choose to pay immediately or later.

Every order will be picked up automatically from their suppliers and sent to your business in a single shipment within 24 hours.

Some of the biggest manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods in the world have agreed to stock their app so that you can easily order their products. Some examples are sugar, cooking oil, rice, detergents, alcohol, tissues, and diapers.

They also have easy payment plans so you never have to worry about not having enough stock. After you sign up, you’ll start with a maximum of Ksh 50,000. As your activity on the site grows, they’ll slowly raise that amount.

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Additionally, they will pay for all travel costs and they choose items from your supplier and ship them for free to your retail location.

It can ship your products from the nearest fulfillment center straight to your customers for as little as $150. This price covers everything that goes into getting items to your clients.


Mesh Alloys

Mesh Alloys -Entrepreneur & Founder @ Sendy

Meshack Alloys is Sendy’s co-founder and CEO.

He has worked as both Director and Advisor at Ondemand Mobile in the past.

Meshack Alloys graduated from the University of Nairobi.

Malaika Judd

Malaika Judd:
Founder | Angel Investor | Mentor

Malaika Judd is both the Chief Financial Officer and one of the co-founders of Sendy.

She used to work as a Principal and Mentor at Savannah Fund.

Malaika Judd studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

Don Okoth

Don Okoth: Co-Founder | Value Innovation | Africa | Launcher | Mentor| Angel Investor|

Don Okoth is the Co-Founder and the current General Manager of Supply at Sendy.

He was the founder of MTL systems and a senior sales executive there.

He graduated from Strathmore University.

Evanson Biwott

Evanson Biwott: CTO & Co-Founder Sendy Ltd

Evanson Biwott is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Sendy.

He used to work at MTL as a programmer.

Evanson Biwott graduated from Kenyatta University.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Goodwell Investments

Goodwell Investment logo

Goodwell Investments has given Sendy $2 million to help it keep growing quickly.

The money will help the company take a step toward its goal of making it easier for people with low incomes to get high-quality goods and services at prices they can afford.

Main Competitors

Gozem: It is a mobile app that lets people share rides, have packages delivered, and pay without touching a card reader.

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Fooji: Fooji makes it easy for companies to set up on-demand delivery services, which helps them run experiential marketing campaigns. 

SkedGo: An application programming interface that is the best in the business for TripGo and other multi-modal travel apps.


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